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Engagement Analytics


The most simple, accurate, and actionable account engagement insights. When the sales and marketing activities of leads and contacts aren’t automatically associated with accounts in Salesforce, the analysis of account-based engagement is time-consuming and prone to error. With LeanData, the engagements of every buyer are connected to the right account, unlocking true account-based marketing analytics.


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Every Engagement in Every Account

See who is engaged in every account, by both marketing and sales, along the account journey.

Deep dive into how each buyer within an account has engaged.

Eliminate hours of ABM analysis with new engagement objects, simple metrics, and a holistic view of account engagement.


Unified ABM Engagement Analytics

Measure and track how Marketing and Sales are engaging target accounts, together.

Quickly uncover which leads, contacts, and target accounts are unengaged by either team.

Paired with the best Lead-to-Account Matching technology, Engagement provides the most accurate picture of account engagement for ABM analytics.

Unlock Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy, at Scale

Measure how specific buyers engage with account-based programs, using flexible reporting and ABM analytics.

Coordinate immediate follow-up with highly engaged buyers using actionable ABM campaign engagement reports.

The leading Lead-to-Account Matching & Routing technology combined with Engagement analytics puts sales activity in lockstep with an account-based marketing strategy.


Without black box scoring logic, which requires routine updating and explanation, LeanData quickly aligns marketers and sales reps on account engagement.

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