3 Surprising Strategies to Improve Your Sales Cycle standard

Sales tools and automation are key drivers to capture leads and move them down the funnel, but you can’t overlook the importance of having a relationship with your customers. Data collection and analysis can help empower customer or lead insights, but there are three critical parts of the customer experience that must be incorporated in your sales cycle in order to be successful: focusing on the customer’s end goal, personal rapport and addressing their unique needs. Here’s how to empower your teams to drive those key conversations with leads to close the deal and shorten the sales cycle. #1: Connect to What Matters Most Your business likely offers many kinds of solutions, but you must remember the classic saying, “customers want ...

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How to Master the Art of Customer Marketing standard

In recent years, there has been a growing challenge for businesses to differentiate and filter amongst competition. This has given birth to the vital role of customer marketing. Within the last two or so years, CMOs have been evangelizing the importance of this role as a way to better understand and enhance the customer experience. This commitment to the customer process, requires a well-thought-out strategy that can be broken down into four stages of the customer lifecycle: onboarding, adoption, expansion, and renewal. Each stage comes with its own set of customer-facing and internal activities that need to align. Here are some ways to master the art of customer marketing by making improvements to each stage. Onboarding Once a prospect or lead converts ...

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The Brightest Trends of 2018 standard

With the new year here, we’d like to take a quick look back at 2018 and the trends that it’s brought to the sales and marketing landscape. From big data and AI to ABM and cross-department alignment, some significant changes took place. Let’s dive in. 1. Companies Leveraged Data to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience Companies now have more data at their disposal than ever before, and with it comes the opportunity to create a better and more personalized customer experience. With the help of machine learning and AI-driven technologies, customers can now be presented with ads, content and search results that are relevant to their needs, shopping habits and purchase history. The challenge for most companies lies in one of two ...

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How Cross-Team Alignment Can Optimize Your 2019 Go-to-Market Strategy standard

2019 is here, and with it comes a new opportunity to make your go-to-market (GTM) strategy work for you. There’s now a near-endless array of GTM routes available, and a solid cross-team planning strategy supported by revenue operations (RevOps) can help companies ensure that the routes they’ve chosen work together to support revenue acceleration. This was the topic of our recent webinar, “Scaling Revenue Operations and Planning for 2019 and Beyond.” There, LeanData CMO Karen Steele and special guest Steve Silver, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions, came together to explain: Market trends for planning and building a comprehensive GTM strategy in 2019. How RevOps can help you achieve your 2019 GTM plan. How to use cross-team planning to align departments and ...

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