Brand Guidelines

To properly represent the LeanData brand in your work, please use our latest logo files and observe our branding guidelines. These guidelines will give specific examples of how to, and how not to use the LeanData logo in your publishing.

Our Logo | Master Logo


Clear Space

When you’re using the logo with other graphic elements, make sure you give it some breathing room. The empty space around the logo should be at least the equal amount of the LeanData lettering height.


Our Logo | Alternate Versions

The full-color reverse logo should be used when the background is too dark for the gray color in the logo (specifically, the word “Lean”) to be easily legible.

The all white logo should only be used if a full-color logo can not be reproduced due to design or printing restrictions.


Do not distort


Do not alter the size relationship between the
mark and the type


Do not rotate


Do not change the colors


Do not add a drop shadow


Do not place on a low-contrast background


Do not use type without the mark


Do not place on a complex background

Our Color Palette

Our Corporate Font | Montserrat

For more information about logos, branding and guidelines download the LeanData Branding Guidelines.

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