From Data to Action: 
3 Ways to Create an Intuitive Tech Stack

Wednesday, Mar 15th | 11am PT / 2pm ET

Here for Every Step of Your Revenue Journey

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Get ready to have your (work) life changed! Find out how you can make your tech stack smarter in this webinar.

Jay Vira
Sr. Product Manager

Vishnu Premsankar
Sr. Product Manager

What You Can Look Forward To

Save Your Seat

Match, Route & Update Anything in Salesforce 

Ways to improve form-to-meeting conversions

PLUS: LeanData's newest features that'll turn you into the revenue superstar of your dreams

Spending way too much time on activities that don't create revenue?

It’s time to revolutionize your RevOps Platform. 

No more daisy chains, no more manual processes that take hours to manage and no more needing multiple flows to make your processes work. 

We've gathered RevOps experts that have first-hand knowledge on the ultimate revenue process and what you should be doing for maximum efficiency. 

With just 3 tips, you'll learn to improve process flexibility, accuracy and speed to lead for your organization. Get ready to have your revenue life changed.

Aaron Boone
Director of Sales Ops

Chris Friedel
Technology Partnerships

Making your tech stack work without manual processes and daisy chains