Lead Matching

Operate with precision at any scale

If you enjoy spending hours coding and configuring
your matching… stop scrolling

LeanData’s no-code smart algorithms deliver
95% lead-to-account matching accuracy

Count on clean handoffs between tools and people
Accurately match every lead to the correct account
Enjoy high-fidelity matching by considering an array of data points
“We have relied on LeanData to do matching, and in (one year) we noted an incorrect match three times. Only three.”
Headshot for Danita Fleck
Danita Fleck
Senior Manager, Go To Market Operations, Gigamon

Respond at the exact right speed and create
those WOW moments

Get the timing right every time

Avoid the systems lags
that can cost precious minutes with real-time matching updates.
Set your path
for compelling buyer experiences by populating every lead with accurate account information.

Drive shared awareness and clear accountability

Create the compelling buyer interactions that win deals

"LeanData is directly impacting our bottom line by reducing the time it takes to contact our customers and leads and work our pipeline."
Headshot for Feras Abdel
Feras Abdel
Director of Sales Operations, Pendo
Unlock buyer history
with comprehensive account matching, giving sellers insight into buyer intent

Improve relevance
and value with always-accurate data that covers all the variables

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