Modern Revenue Orchestration

LeanData is a Salesforce-native solution that connects the right data, tools, and people at each step in the buyer journey. Seamless integration with your revenue tech stack links data and context so that you never lose track of a lead, opportunity, or account.

Simplify and accelerate complex selling processes at any scale

Handle B2B selling complexity with ease and operate with precision at any scale. Coordinate buyer signals with your unique go-to-market plays across every stage of the sales cycle.

Take every change in stride

Visualize and activate plays with no-code, drag-and-drop automation. Rewire processes at will to absorb strategy shifts, reorgs, and territory changes in moments—not months.

Deliver intelligent buyer interactions, every time, from every team member

Time the right move for each revenue moment. Help your sellers supercharge every interaction by using all relevant buyer data.

Erase ambiguity about process, status, ownership, and next steps

Drive shared awareness and clear accountability of every signal, play, and process with real-time metrics and SLAs. Eliminate ambiguity across your connected revenue tech stack.

Modernize Revenue Orchestration with LeanData

Handle B2B selling complexity with ease through fuzzy matching and no-code, drag-and-drop workflows, turning buyer signals into go-to-market plays

Enterprise orchestration


The easiest, most reliable automation to use for any Salesforce object in your revenue process.

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  • Accelerate pipeline with the right data at the right moment in any revenue process
  • Streamline operations with control and visibility of every automated step
  • Improve the buyer experiences delivered by every team through a flexible tech stack


Friction-free scheduling for every stage of the buyer journey.

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  • Improve conversion rates with a compelling buyer experience
  • Increase sales productivity with accurate meeting assignments
  • Stay agile with custom meeting types and automation for any unique assignment model

Unlock optimal revenue growth

Create the right move for each revenue moment with automation that supports your go-to-market strategies

Customer first

Intelligent lead delivery

Eliminate manual processes to identify duplicate leads and contacts, match and enrich relevant records, and improve lead assignment accuracy at scale.

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Converting Signals to Revenue

Signals to revenue

Get high-intent accounts to the right revenue team member, automate relevant actions and personalized engagements, and improve assignment matching accuracy.

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Enterprise orchestration

Enterprise orchestration

Improve automation and accuracy inside Salesforce to quickly identify relevant buyers for each type of business opportunity.

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Power up your revenue engine with our suite of integrations

Reimagine how teams and tools work together with integrations and workflows that move in one seamless process.

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We have more than10+seamless integrations
Microsoft Teams

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Learn why 1,000+ growth leaders trust LeanData for Revenue Orchestration

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What our clients say

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“One of the biggest benefits is being able to use a tool as a business owner to automate business processes that I would normally have to spend months working with IT on, it’s been hugely powerful.”

Gavin Grisham Global Digital Sales Tools
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“For our go-to-market strategy, LeanData has been a core tool for us to centralize all of the data and workflows.”

Molly Young Sales Operations Partner
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“If you don’t have LeanData, you’re limiting your capabilities within Salesforce. It’s not just lead routing. You can automate so many different areas of the sales funnel that can change how your SDRs, ISRs, and AEs work and become more productive. It’s a staple. It’s a must-have.”

Hanne Venables Senior Director of Growth Operations
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Resources for revenue professionals

The LeanData Resource Center connects community with content to help revenue team stars shine

2022 Inbound & Outbound Sales Pipeline Performance Benchmarking Report

LeanData, in collaboration with Atrium, Clearbit, Modern Sales Pros and RevOps Squared, conducted research throughout July and August, 2022 to benchmark inbound & outbound pipeline performance.