LeanData Premium Services

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to LeanData Professional Services

For ongoing expertise, guidance on adoption and best practices, we provide two offerings for Premium Services:

DetailsPremium Services LitePremium Services
Premium Services ConsultantYesYes
Calls per monthMinimum OneFour+
Health ChecksAnnualQuarterly
Graph updatesOne/QuarterlyOne+/Monthly
Mentoring/Training sessionsOne/AnnuallyTwo+/Annually
*Examples shown above are representative of typical premium services engagements.


Premium Services

LeanData’s Premium Services advises customers and partners seeking help with planning and deploying their LeanData solution successfully with a focus on Revenue Automation. A dedicated LeanData Consultant serves as an ongoing single point of contact for customers as their business and technology needs evolve.

Benefits of Premium Services

A single point of contact serving as a technical advocate

    • Direct access to technical expertise to resolve issues more quickly and discuss solutions
    • Proactive planning and prioritization, and adoption or upgrade support of LeanData to align with your release schedule
    • A bridge to LeanData’s Product and Customer Success organization, providing you with the power to impact future product features and updates. Many new features in LeanData products today were created due to customer needs


Guidance on end to end Revenue Automation

    • Premium Services Consultants partner with you to provide automation solutions and guidance for your Go to market strategies
    • Premium Services Consultants provide the required expertise to build your automations, minimizing disruption and freeing your resources to focus on your key business challenges
    • As a seasoned professional, a Premium Services Consultants helps guide and advise on revenue automation and integration, mobilizing an extended team that will work with you to get the most out of LeanData


Proactive planning

    • Take advantage of the latest product enhancements, extracting the maximum benefit out of LeanData’s revenue automation and integration capabilities
    • Host regular meetings with you to better understand your goals, environment, open support cases, upcoming product releases, etc.
    • Provide early beta access for upcoming product and feature launches


Mentoring and Training

    • Provides ongoing training to your team on LeanData skills and/or capabilities to further enable you GTM needs


Out of Scope

    • Project based or major updates to graphs, that will involve additional Professional Services assistance
    • Project Management services


Please contact ps@leandata.com if you have any questions

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