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LeanData Revenue Orchestration
Simplify your buyer journeys and deliver world-class customer experiences to accelerate time to revenue

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Vital connective tissue

Revenue orchestration is the purposeful coordination of all the plays needed to transform buyer signals into buying decisions

The critical question… Why is revenue orchestration left to coding, spreadsheets and manual triage - all powered by teams of people?

Chaotic old school selling leads to Revenue
Orchestration Breakdown

Revenue Orchestration Breakdown

B2B disruptors and established players

A global grassroots movement of growth leaders is modernizing Revenue Orchestration

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LeanData Revenue Orchestration

(powered by No-Code Automation)

Coordinate the plays, people and processes that transform
buyer signals into buying decisions.

People Processes Plays

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High Volume Inbound

Accelerate inbound with precision at any scale. LeanData enables inbound teams to improve speed to response, reduce lead triage, keep up with change, drive outcomes, and engage with precision.

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High Volume Outbound

Handle outbound with ease at any scale. LeanData enables outbound teams to accelerate qualification, eliminate ambiguity, engage immediately, drive outcomes, and optimize handoffs.

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Deliver compelling experiences for every account. LeanData enables account teams to eliminate ambiguity, engage every buyer, accelerate cycles, drive buyer-specific outcomes, and engage the entire account.

The Modern Revenue Orchestration Platform by LeanData

Ready. Predictable. Resilient.

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Match buying signals to
accounts with precision.
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Make the right move for
each revenue moment.
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Supercharge interactions
with shared awareness.
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Enable qualified buyers to instantly
book time with the right reps

The Gold Standard

Inspiring a vibrant movement

Easy-to-use, easy to maintain, SFDC-friendly, and most importantly, THE INTUITIVE AUTOMATION! - Emily S, Sales Revenue Operations Manager

Friction-Free Selling

Simplify and accelerate complex motions

  • Speed: Route any object, in real time
  • Accuracy: Coordinate buyer signals and growth strategies across the entire buyer’s journey
  • Alignment: Share awareness on every signal, play & process
  • Integration: Unify RevTech stack for one seamless process

Purpose-Built for Change

Take every change in stride

  • No-Code Automation: Visualize & activate plays with drag-and-drop ease
  • Scale-Up: Respond to strategy shifts, reorgs & territory changes in moments
  • Composable: Utilize third-party tools with drag-and-drop simplicity, without managing multiple APIs.
  • Business-Driven: Know what’s working & what’s not with audit logs and insights

Now that we have LeanData, we can make changes in a week that would've taken us months previously. We're much more flexible, we can move faster, and we can adapt to market conditions. - Michael Fedynyshyn Senior Manager, Sales Operations, Zoom

LeanData has helped us scale more quickly. We’re closing more and larger deals. When the sales team is notified right away that a lead is hot, it makes a huge difference in conversion rates further down in the funnel. - Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing, Uberflip

Compelling Buyer Experience

Fueling intelligent buyer interactions, every time

  • Right Timing: Enable reps to respond first or at the exact speed needed in the context of buyer signals.
  • Right Data: Unlock buyer history, providing sellers insight into buyer intent and where they fit in the account and opportunity
  • Right Moves: Support growth plays by prioritizing actions for the best next step and mode of engagement

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