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Say goodbye to breakdowns, siloed integrations, and rigid processes by combining flexibility with performance.

A Revenue Orchestration Platform that connects signals to plays



Add or change integrations at any point, and integrate with any vendor to flow data, notifications, and more into your systems.



Instantly push through data signals or engage in a process to help your revenue teams move faster.



Gather your integrations in one place. Drag and drop from previous integrations, and coordinate Salesforce data with no extra steps.

Our network of integration partners

LeanData’s Revenue Orchestration Platform surfaces buyer signals and triggers sales plays across multiple platforms with drag-and-drop simplicity


Lean Data & Gong Engage to improve rep productivity, enhance engagement, shorten revenue cycles, and automate outreach.


Automate intelligent account-based plays and trigger engagement from 6sense enrichment and intent data.


Enrich leads and contacts with Clearbit to enhance records, reduce manual research, and improve routing accuracy.


Power real-time deduplication using Cloudingo to merge preferences from your existing LeanData flow.


Arm your reps with accurate information using Cognism’s GDPR-compliant lead, account, and contact data.


Identify partner overlap from your routing flow, drive more collaboration, and use Crossbeam data immediately.


Provide faster, more contextual interactions by adding leads and contacts directly to Outreach.


Allow marketing teams to schedule meetings with lists of engaged contacts via Kronologic meeting AI.

Microsoft Teams

Accelerate response times with automatic Teams notifications directly from your LeanData flow.

Salesforce Sales Engagement

Build stronger engagement by adding your prospects directly into Salesforce Sales Engagement cadences.


Coordinate every prospect interaction by automatically adding leads and contacts into your Salesloft cadences.


Learn when your customer champion starts a new role and automatically take action directly from LeanData.


Send personalized gifts from Sendoso to create one-of-a-kind buying experiences directly from LeanData.


Notify the right rep at the right time, all from within your LeanData flow. Use action buttons to create and update records, with NotifyPlus.


Effortlessly orchestrate relevant engagements at exactly the right time by automatically adding leads and contacts into your Groove Flows.

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What our clients say

60% increase in pipeline

“I LOVE LeanData. It has been so transformational for us. In adopting this process, we’ve seen a 60% increase in pipeline generated per month by putting these two technologies together. It’s been a complete game changer.”

Latane Conant CMO
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167% increase in accounts reached per week

“If you want to solve the problem of how to reach all of your inbound traffic in a timely manner, you need LeanData to match and route your leads and Outreach to start reaching out to them.”

Robert Simmons Senior Director of Inside Sales
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<24 hours to reach inbound contact requests compared to the previous multi-day response

“The LeanData and 6sense integration allows us to identify accounts that are most likley to buy and route them to the right sales rep with all the information they need to follow up quickly. It’s like a silver platter!”

Nicholas Lansberry Go-to-Market Operations Manager
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400% decrease in first response time

“We’re able to route Leads and get them into an Outreach sequence. Now we’re averaging about 3.5 minutes from creation to sequenced. Since we started doing that, first response time has come down 400%.”

Raheel Alam Salesforce Admin
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“LeanData is the core orchestration that makes things happen. Having those direct integrations is a huge help because then it’s just a couple of clicks. I can do a lot with just a little bit of automation.”

Gavin Grisham Global Digital Sales Tools
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  • Gain better visibility and control over your process
  • Increase sales productivity and close more deals