Your key to operational excellence

Automate growth plays and streamline processes that allow you to do more with less

Go-to-Market Operations Solutions

Simplify every piece of your revenue process

Access and update all Salesforce data in one easy-to-use automated process builder

Eliminate outdated methodologies and unleash new growth

Eliminate outdated methodologies and unleash new growth

Operations pros demand reliability. As Salesforce becomes increasingly congested, lead processing slows, flows get stuck, and changes to SFDC become tedious. LeanData solves those growth challenges and empowers your revenue team to succeed.

Accelerate lead assignment

Process leads with speed and accuracy

Deliver leads with automated routing workflows that perform how they should, every time.

Automation transparency

Intelligently troubleshoot workflows

Equip your team with full audit logs and a clear visual interface to eliminate 80% of the time they spend on triaging lost or misrouted leads.

Agility and flexibility

Take any change in stride

Adapt to new territories, organizational changes, or new growth plays with the ease of a drag-and-drop interface.

Automate sales follow-up with powerful integrations

Help your ops team make sure their business counterparts can work smoothly with no process breakdowns

80% reduce time spent handling routing and rules for leads and contacts
12% increase conversion rates by with faster inbound/outbound lead routing
70% spend less time researching and triaging leads and contacts
10% enable deals at a higher rate with account-centric sales strategies and insights
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  • Automate the end-to-end revenue process
  • Facilitate and accelerate your company’s growth
  • Gain better visibility and control over your process
  • Increase sales productivity and close more deals