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Lead object

Replace brittle assignment rules, custom code, and manual processes.

$39USD per user license / month


Any Salesforce object

Overcome selling complexity by automating plays across lines of business, geographies and teams.

$59USD per user license / month


Any Salesforce object

For sizeable organizations with multifaceted go-to-market plays or complex Salesforce environments. Includes dedicated support for both sandbox and production environments.

$Custom packages

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Objects Standard Advanced Premium
Leads icon icon icon
Contacts icon icon icon
Accounts icon icon icon
Opportunities icon icon icon
Cases icon icon icon
Any Object (incl. Custom) icon icon icon
Match Leads to Accounts icon icon icon
Advanced matching icon icon icon
View Matches in Record icon icon icon
Preview & Tag Leads with Matched Account Data icon icon icon
Match contacts icon icon icon
Match Any Object to Account icon icon icon
Route Leads: Account-based icon icon icon
Route by Round Robin icon icon icon
Route by Territory icon icon icon
Route by Duplicate Record Data icon icon icon
Route by Related Objects icon icon icon
Route by Campaign Membership icon icon icon
Route by Table icon icon icon
Service Level Agreement-based icon icon icon
Route any Object icon icon icon
Update Related Objects icon icon icon
Data Management
Match & Merge Duplicates icon icon icon
Process Immediate One-Time Jobs icon icon icon
Process in Real-time & Batch icon icon icon
Prioritize Records icon icon icon
Convert Leads icon icon icon
Add Account Team icon icon icon
Create Records icon icon icon
Access Permissions icon icon icon
Assign Contact Roles/Add Opportunity Team icon icon icon
Schedule Planned Automation icon icon icon
Enterprise Permission Administration icon icon icon
Alerts & Notifications
Alert Admins icon icon icon
Email Users icon icon icon
Notify in Chatter icon icon icon
Audit, Troubleshoot & Optimize icon icon icon
Track & Enforce SLAs icon icon icon

Microsoft Teams, Slack

icon icon icon
Sales Engagement

Kronologic, Outreach, Salesloft, Salesforce Sales Engagement

icon icon icon
Sales Intelligence

6sense, Clearbit, Cognism, Crossbeam, UserGems

icon icon icon


icon icon icon


icon icon icon
APIs icon icon icon
Available Add-Ons

Enable Orchestration for Separate Business Units

icon icon icon

Uncover Account-level Insights

icon icon icon

Drive action with interactive notifications

icon icon icon

Additional products

Data Hygiene

Salesforce deduplication and data cleansing

Clean up Salesforce and act on normalized data you trust. From deduping to importing and even migrating data, manage customer data with LeanData and Cloudingo together.

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BookIt, our innovative scheduling solution designed to streamline
and simplify your scheduling booking process

BookIt For Forms

Meet with inbound prospects faster

Accelerate pipeline and instantly book qualified meetings directly from your webforms and chatbots.

$25per connected calendar/month
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  • New! Book meetings with customized scheduling links
  • Meet with high intent buyers faster
  • Eliminate back-and-forth scheduling
  • Maximize productivity across sales and operations

BookIt Handoff

Schedule follow-ups from Salesforce

Quickly pass buyers to the right specialist every time, directly from Lead and Contact pages.

$25per connected calendar/month
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  • New! Book meetings with customized scheduling links
  • Eliminate friction during sales team handoffs
  • Deliver more compelling experiences
  • Boost sales efficiency at every stage

Highly rated in all the right places

1,000+ top-ranking companies rely on LeanData to simplify their buyer journeys and accelerate time to revenue

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“LeanData is automating our Lead and Contact routing in a more intuitive and flexible way than other systems I have used in the past. This means that hot leads are followed up on sooner and sales are more likely to close than if leads were left to go stale or had to be manually updated each time.”

  • star
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Anonymous G2 ReviewMid-Market Company

Proven results with 1,000+ top-ranking companies

50% reduction in time savings for the Marketing Ops team in maintaining lead routing

“LeanData definitely made my life much easier, and the process much simpler for everyone in our marketing operation organization.”

Hang Nguyen Sr. Marketing Operations Specialist
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“That Matching piece is big for us. With LeanData, it’s just like night and day compared to what we were able to accomplish before.”

Anthony Valles Director, Marketing Operations
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99% reduction in time spent updating routing rules

“LeanData’s special sauce, that we love, is that individuals can be intelligently matched to the accounts that we care about. Lead-to-Account matching allows us to look at leads in the context of accounts, which is what B2B cares about.”

Travis Henry Director, Sales Operations and Enablement
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167% increase in accounts reached per week

“If you want to solve the problem of how to reach all of your inbound traffic in a timely manner, you need LeanData to match and route your leads and Outreach to start reaching out to them.”

Robert Simmons Senior Director of Inside Sales
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133% Increase in New Pipeline

“We had a hypothesis that the faster we could get leads routed, the more likely they would be to convert. Our hypothesis was correct based on the increases LeanData had helped us achieve. We’ve shown this data to our executives and everyone is happy with LeanData.”

Cami Ragano Senior Director of Business Marketing
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Why choose LeanData for your Revenue Orchestration?

We connect every tool in your tech stack and integrate the data between them so that buyer signals are captured and acted on with the very best sales plays available. Our world-class services and support fully guide you from implementation to adoption.

Why LeanData

LeanData for your Revenue Orchestration

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LeanData determine their pricing?

LeanData ran an extensive pricing study with customers and prospects to understand which packaged capabilities deliver the best value for the largest segments. To meet the needs of these different groups while keeping pricing simple, we offer more capabilities and five-star implementation services to accelerate time to value. This way, our customers can easily adopt modern Revenue Orchestration and acclimate to changes in strategy and technology without a complicated renewal cycle.

Do you integrate with any technologies that aren’t listed?

Yes. LeanData can use any data provided by a third-party vendor that you have in Salesforce, which allows you to bring your own technology. Additionally, LeanData can update Salesforce fields that other third-party party vendors use, letting you incorporate more technologies into your automated processes. In short—if it’s in Salesforce, you can use it in LeanData orchestration.

I just want Scheduling. Can I purchase that without the entire platform?

Yes, BookIt can be purchased and implemented without the rest of the LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform. Our customers typically choose to purchase both products to maximize the value of every buyer signal that’s captured with BookIt and then entered into Salesforce.

The pricing mentions user licenses. What is a user?

A user is any Salesforce user or queue that is explicitly assigned to a standard or custom Salesforce object. If you don’t know how many users you will need, just contact us and we’ll help you determine which package best fits your needs and limitations.

Does LeanData provide data deduplication?

Yes. Many companies have an existing initiative to eliminate duplicate data within their CRMs. For this reason, LeanData resells Cloudingo to immediately enable precise data cleansing as part of your automated revenue process. LeanData also has a third-party integration with Cloudingo so that duplicate buyer signals can automatically be identified and removed with precision at any point in time, even if new or existing records need to be matched and cleansed.

Are Implementation Services included?

To make sure that your LeanData implementation is custom-tailored to meet your specific needs and deliver a rapid return on your investment, Implementation Services are sold separately. Please contact a LeanData representative to help you determine which package and services are best for you, based on your current priorities or challenges.

What’s a Connected Calendar?

A “Connected Calendar” is an individual user license approved to receive and/or book meetings on a calendar (i.e. Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar) using the LeanData BookIt service.

For BookIt Handoff, if we have a Sales Rep scheduling meetings for an Account Executive, who needs a Connected Calendar?

Both! All BookIt Handoff users that book a meeting (i.e. Sales Development Rep) and receive a meeting (Account Executive), will need a Connected Calendar license.

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  • Increase sales productivity and close more deals