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Snowflake Reduces Lost Leads, Improves Response Times and Increases Booked Meeting Rates with LeanData

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Snowflake is a data cloud company that enables customers to build data-intensive applications without operational burden. The company has grown quickly, in part because of its ability to execute an account-based strategy with resources focused on a set of target accounts.

With the growth of ABM strategies, there was a need for account-based sales development teams, since sales were not always aligned or aware when leads from their target accounts were acting on marketing campaigns. Snowflake needed a solution that would provide more account data to reduce its lost leads, improve response times, and increase “booked meeting” rates.

“In my opinion, you cannot do an account-based strategy without the core functionality around lead-to-account matching. LeanData plays a massive role in quickly identifying and routing hot inbound leads to the correct account owner.”

-Lars Nilsson, VP, Global Sales Development


  • The ability to get leads to the right rep to enable effective ABM orchestration between marketing and sales
  • Assigning SDRs to target accounts and automatically match incoming leads to the correct account while informing the assigned account owner
  • Enabling SDRs to be more strategic in their outreach to contacts, responding promptly to inbound messages with personalized communications


  • LeanData supports Snowflake’s business agility because of how quickly it can implement, test, rollout, and activate changes in the systems.
  • Salesforce treats inbound interests as individuals. With LeanData Matching, those leads can be intelligently matched to the accounts that they care about, so SDRs have visibility to all the leads associated with their accounts.
  • Incoming leads are routed to the correct account owners. Business rules are defined to determine if a human connection or a sales engagement cadence is the next best action. SDR leadership can also set up Service Level Agreements (SLA) for incoming leads from a demo or completed form.


  • 99% reduction in time spent updating routing rules (from weeks to hours)
  • 20-30% increase in inbound lead conversion rates due to improved speed to lead and sales reps having more time to spend researching and qualifying leads
  • 78%, or 1-3 hour per day per rep, reduction in SDR time spent researching inbound leads
  • Less than 5 minute response time to leads from demo requests and contact sales due to accurately routed leads
  • No lost leads because they went to the wrong person, or no person at all
  • Account-based
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  • Lead Response Time
  • Lead Routing
  • Lead-to-Account Matching
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