Recognize and respond to account-based signals

LeanData propels shared awareness among your teams at every step of the B2B buyer journey

Recognize and respond to account-based signals

Eliminate guesswork, act on every account detail

Account-based insights can do more than help marketing teams alone. Bring every revenue team together, leveraging signals to prioritize, route, and engage high-intent buyers.

Prioritize the most valuable buyer signals

Meet buyers right where they are, and act fast.

  • Easily identify qualified, high-intent, and engaged accounts
  • Eliminate time spent on lengthy account research
  • Leverage previous buyer relationships with powerful integrations
Prioritize the most valuable buyer signals

Eliminate manual process and improve selling activities

Enhance the buyer experience with complete alignment on every account.

  • Match each signal to the right account
  • Leverage campaign data for decisions and updates
  • Ensure every account team has complete and shared visibility
Eliminate manual process and improve selling activities

Automate personalized plays at scale

Make the most of every buyer signal, engaging accounts that are ready to purchase.

  • Quickly follow up with buyers that engage with marketing campaigns
  • Equip each account with complete and accurate context
  • Automate SLA enforcement
  • Drive other actions, from sales engagement to gifting, using integrations
  • Send notifications to where they matter
Automate personalized plays at scale
Engage high-intent accounts

Prioritize the right accounts for every rep

Identify the accounts most likely to convert by using a host of 6sense AI insights. Notify reps of these signals, set new SLAs, and encourage timely engagement with all relevant context at their fingertips.

Remove ambiguity and data overwhelm

Remove ambiguity and data overwhelm

Disparate account-based signals and insights can overwhelm your team. Automatically take action on the right signals on behalf of reps. Flag other signals that they need to address with any additional context from your CRM.

Improve ABM motions

Trigger revenue processes from campaign member updates

Reps need to know when specific buyers show intent, so they can engage them in the right context. Automatically trigger orchestration based on campaign membership updates and add new buyers to campaigns to align marketing and sales efforts.

Maximize your ABM tech

Act faster on account-based signals

Revenue Orchestration for account-based motions is often complex and involves multiple technologies. Ensure each platform enhances your revenue teams by automating the operational work and tedious decision making.

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Increase conversion rates with LeanData

Enabling businesses to intelligently deliver leads to the right rep through modern Revenue Orchestration

4% increase inbound/outbound lead revenue and enable go-to-market agility
12% improve conversion rates with faster inbound/outbound lead routing
3% increase revenue from existing customers with accurate routing
20% reduce revenue loss from inaccurate lead routing