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Solution Brief Is Your Organization Ready for a Buying Group Motion?
Is Your Organization Ready for a Buying Group Motion?

Use this checklist to determine if your company is ready for a buying group motion based in Opportunities.

Solution Brief BookIt Links
BookIt Links

Streamline scheduling across the buyer journey. BookIt Links enables you to streamline the scheduling and booking process by swiftly booking meetings with customized scheduling links.

Solution Brief BookIt for Forms
BookIt for Forms

Meet with high-intent prospects faster with BookIt for Forms. Allow prospects to instantly book a meeting with the right rep best suited for their needs -- directly from your webforms.

Solution Brief BookIt Handoff
BookIt Handoff

Use BookIt Handoff to immediately schedule the next-step meeting with the right representative, while your still on the call with your customer.

Solution Brief LeanData Integrations
LeanData Integrations

Help your business build a single and connected Revenue Operations ecosystem with LeanData.

Solution Brief LeanData Engagement Analytics
LeanData Engagement Analytics

View all sales and marketing engagements on accounts in a comprehensive view within your Salesforce instance with LeanData Engagement.

Solution Brief LeanData & Cloudingo
LeanData & Cloudingo

Together, LeanData & Cloudingo puts you in control of customer data and how it is actioned across your revenue team, eliminating inaccurate records and duplicate data that prevents scalable growth.

Solution Brief Transforming Buyer Signals into Buyer Decisions
Transforming Buyer Signals into Buyer Decisions

Revenue orchestration ensures high-priority, high-value buyer signals are surfaced and acted upon, driving engagement, facilitating the buying journey, and delivering a world-class buying experience.

Solution Brief LeanData & Sendoso Integration
LeanData & Sendoso Integration

LeanData's revenue orchestration platform seamlessly integrates with Sendoso to instantly route records to the right reps and automatically send tailored gifts based on contextual record data.

Solution Brief LeanData & Sales Intelligence Integrations
LeanData & Sales Intelligence Integrations

LeanData integrates seamlessly with best-in-class solutions like Clearbit, Cognism, UserGems and 6sense to deliver your revenue team the complete record data necessary to engage leads and accounts.

Solution Brief LeanData & Sales Engagement Integrations
LeanData & Sales Engagement Integrations

LeanData's integrations with Salesloft, Outreach, Salesforce Sales Engagement, and Kronologic instantly orchestrate the most relevant buying journey engagements at exactly the right time.

Solution Brief LeanData & Automatic Notification Integrations
LeanData & Automatic Notification Integrations

Improve speed to lead with LeanData's key integrations with instant notification solutions like Slack and Microsoft Teams to immediately alert revenue team members when records are assigned.