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LeanData provides the market’s leading Revenue Operations platform for high-growth B2B organizations to accelerate revenue and improve performance. Standing at the center of CRM, LeanData connects the right data to the right people at the right time across the go-to-market process. By aligning marketing and sales with LeanData’s Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing and Attribution solutions, sales reps receive the leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities they need to work on, so they can close more deals and drive more revenue, faster.

What Is Revenue Operations?

According to SiriusDecisions, B2B businesses that align their revenue engine grow 12 to 15 times faster than their peers and are 34% more profitable. Companies that create a revenue operations team drive unified alignment of their sales, marketing, partner, and customer success teams. Adopting a Revenue Operations strategy helps unify people, data, and processes across their Go-To-Market (GTM) teams.

LeanData - The Revenue Operations Platform

Accelerate time-to-revenue and drive growth

Go-To-Market Planning

Build dynamic GTM plans that are always accurate and up-to-date as execution happens. Break the plan into geos, business units, and territories and ensure you execute to plan.


Go-To-Market Execution

Deliver on any GTM route – inbound, outbound, ABM, or channel. Connect data to the right people by orchestrating a smooth flow of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities or any other CRM objects.


Go-To-Market Analytics

Ensure your GTM plan and execution are always optimized. Create the most accurate view of campaign performance using a common dataset that both Sales and Marketing can trust.


A Revenue Operations Platform that Integrates Seamlessly with Your Tech Stack

Accelerate revenue with a growing ecosystem of matching and routing integrations.
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