Your go-to-market (GTM) motions are fraught with challenges, each with the potential to sidetrack your best-laid plans and divert your revenue team from value-added activities to mundane data collection and time-consuming workarounds. None, perhaps, are more frustrating than lead and contact records with incomplete data. 

Leads and contacts with incomplete data are difficult to qualify or assign, pull your reps away from selling, unnecessarily prolong your lead response time (speed to lead) and, eventually, result in lost revenue. Incomplete data is a wrench in the gears of your finely-tuned GTM machine. 

For years now, revenue teams have been solving for incomplete lead, contact and account information with “data enrichment” solutions from providers such as ZoomInfo, the leading lead intelligence platform. Data enrichment merges third-party data with the first-party data that already exists in your CRM, providing you greater knowledge about your prospects and customers, and giving you additional context for messaging and selling your brand in the market. 

At LeanData, we’ve integrated ZoomInfo into our industry-leading Routing solution to empower customers to better utilize their data as a seamless part of their GTM automation processes. The end result is that revenue teams no longer have to choose between rich, accurate contextual data or speed. Now, they enjoy both!

Delivering a better customer experience

Daily, ZoomInfo scans over 38 million online resources and provides over 100 million contact record events, providing their customers with quality, depth and coverage. Integrated into LeanData Routing, the platforms work together to accurately match and route every lead and contact, enabling our joint customers to build more pipeline and accelerate their speed to revenue.

LeanData enables your company to enrich only the leads and contacts that you need to be enriched when they need to be enriched, utilizing ZoomInfo’s direct integration with Salesforce. LeanData’s solution with ZoomInfo enables your revenue team to react faster to leads and contacts, while enriching every record when it matters. Perhaps most importantly, LeanData enables your revenue team to enrich new or updated leads and contacts with all information necessary at any point within your routing process.

A variety of use cases

No matter how complicated your GTM processes are, the integrated LeanData and ZoomInfo platforms have you covered. Below are just six use cases for the combined solutions that will help your business scale.

Improve territory-based routing

In territory-based routing flows, you can selectively enrich only records that are missing critical location information, thereby delivering complete records to the correct representative and avoiding any lost time necessary in rerouting leads. With improved assignment accuracy, your speed to lead is increased and your Sales team is more productive.

Assign leads, then enrich for contextual data

Sometimes you already have the data you need to make assignments, but your reps need more data for better engagement. When Inbound leads and contacts supply the necessary information for routing, they can be automatically assigned to the correct Sales representative without waiting for enrichment. You can then have the records automatically enriched to provide more context, thereby allowing increased speed to lead, improved productivity and better engagement.

Qualify leads, then enrich

Choose to enrich leads only after they’ve had significant interactions with your team and are now highly-scored leads (think MQLs) and contacts. This enables reps to engage with contextual data when it’s necessary. As such, campaign return on investment (ROI) is maximized, Sales productivity soars, and the customer experience is elevated. 

Enrich without holding

Often, companies hold lead records in workflows while waiting for full enrichment, adding as little as five minutes and as much as 15 minutes or more to their lead response time. That’s at least a five-minute delay for every single lead when it’s best to have already responded within five minutes. Eliminate the wait step and dramatically increase your speed to lead.

Enrich every record fully

Automatically enriching every lead or contact prior to matching to other records ensures they are always qualified and assigned with complete context. Results include improvements in assignment accuracy, Sales productivity and account engagement.

Re-enrich dormant records

When people don’t engage for a while, your enriched records will eventually go stale and you’ll need an update. It might be worth enriching any updated leads or contacts that haven’t had any recent activity. That can ensure they are routed and assigned properly. Accurately processing them enables your Sales team to work more productively and optimize your campaign ROI.


Incomplete lead and contact records hamper your Sales team with insufficient views, resulting in wasted time, poor speed to lead and, ultimately, lost revenue. However, with the seamless integration of ZoomInfo within LeanData’s industry-leading routing solution, your reps get empowered to engage with confidence, build a contextually-driven rapport and close more deals, faster. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping a new node into your GTM graphs wherever you’d like, and then turning your Sales team loose to do what they do best. 

Find out how you can optimize your GTM motions with automated processes and data enrichment by requesting a demo. 

John Milo
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at LeanData

John Milo is a senior product marketing manager at LeanData, where he leads projects and campaigns across LeanData’s entire suite of go-to-market solutions. Connect with John on LinkedIn and the Salesforce Trailblazer Community.