G2 + LeanData: Clean Data & Actionable Insights

Nowadays companies are able to access data almost instantaneously. What they aren’t necessarily getting, though, is accurate data and insights that fast.

Now, don’t get me wrong – this data is valuable, but if it isn’t clean, accurate, or in the hands of the right rep, chances are it’s collecting dust, instead of helping you meet the business goals you bought that data for in the first place.

Luckily, there is a solution that does provide clean data and actionable insights almost instantly, and it’s the G2 + LeanData Integration.

What does the integration do?

So you’ve got your G2 Buyer Intent – the valuable customer data telling you what companies are looking at your product profile, your competitors’ profiles, and your category. But without LeanData, that incredible data is just sitting in the backend of your my.G2 admin portal. In order to put that data to use, you’ve got to make sure that it is clean and in the right place for the right people.

In comes G2 + LeanData.

This powerful integration cleans up your G2 Buyer Intent Data, maps it to existing accounts, and routes that information to account owners to let them know that their accounts are active on G2.

This integration enables actionable insights on prospects and customers while strategically utilizing the data to provide your sales and customer success teams with real-time context for optimal personalization.

What will the integration improve?

  • Better Data Quality: You can automate and remove error-prone manual account mapping with your buyer intent. With this integration, your buyer intent data is mapped automatically to an existing Salesforce account record by intuitively sussing out errors, and making a clean match.
  • Better Conversion Rates: With this integration, lead notifications will be routed to account owners almost immediately (in less than one minute!) so that they can plan timely, relevant outreach to active accounts, resulting in more conversions.
  • Better Customer Retention: Because this integration can route account behavior from to the corresponding account owner in Salesforce, account managers can reach out with targeted, personalized messaging before it’s too late.

Let’s See the Integration in Action

Introducing: Showpad’s “Naughty List.”

Sales Enablement Platform Showpad implemented the G2 + LeanData Integration and saw their sales rep accountability, outreach, and personalization skyrocket. And it all boiled down to a cleverly-built Salesforce module called “The Naughty List.” The issue Showpad was running into was all-too-common: FROZEN leads. Not warm, not cold. FROZEN.

Showpad had plenty of contacts in Salesforce, but without a crystal ball, it was tough for them to prioritize which cold contacts and accounts to keep up with, and which to move on from.

They had buyer intent and Salesforce connected, but no way to route the data from G2 to the right account owner. So all that juicy, valuable G2 Buyer Intent data just sat there, collecting dust, while leads they thought were cold were committing all kinds of research and buying behaviors on

The Solution

Showpad had already been a G2 Buyer Intent customer, and had the G2 CRM Connector for Salesforce, but what they were missing was LeanData to act as an intermediary. By implementing G2 + LeanData’s integration, they were able to build a stronger, more actionable connection between G2 Buyer Intent and Salesforce. This allowed them to create The Naughty List: a module built to alert sales reps every time an account they owned was committing intent signals on, but hadn’t received a communication from Showpad in 60+ days. Now, Showpad could map the right account behaviors to the accounts in Salesforce and trigger a notification for all of the naughty sales team members so they could reach out before the prospect went from frozen to cold:lost.

The Outcome

By building modules to track buyer intent account activity and trigger notifications to the sales team, Showpad is now able to send timely, relevant outreach to leads they assumed were no longer relevant. This resulted in an increased pipeline, a higher closed:won ratio, and ergo, more revenue!

Now, if that’s not enough to convince you, you can hear more for yourself by checking out the G2 + LeanData Integration at LeanData’s virtual demo day on July, 8th at 11am PT.

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