Integrating Salesforce Sales Engagement into LeanData’s Revenue Orchestration Platform

Sales engagement platforms (SEPs), like Salesforce Sales Engagement, Outreach and Salesloft, are incredibly important tools in today’s sales stack. They are essential in coordinating outbound responses, and any sales team attempting to scale would be lost without them. 

Craig Rosenberg, Distinguished VP, Analyst at Gartner, has reported that sales engagement is such a high priority that 90 percent of sales leaders plan to invest in technologies and methodologies to help their teams engage more effectively with prospects and customers. Late last year, Verified Market Research pegged the global market for SEPs to be $7.3 billion by 2028. 

The SEP segment has long been led by both Outreach and Salesloft. However, growing rapidly is Salesforce Sales Engagement. As such, LeanData’s industry-leading revenue orchestration platform now seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Sales Engagement.

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LeanData and Salesforce Sales Engagement Work Together to Drive Lead Response

Your speed to lead, or your company’s lead response time, is a function of 1) lead processing time, and 2) representative response time. LeanData’s automated solutions comprehensively cover the first factor with real-time lead routing. Additionally, LeanData helps cover the second factor, rep response time, with features like Service Level Agreement (SLA) automation and tracking, integrated Slack notifications and, now, integrated Salesforce Sales Engagement cadences.

When leads come in, Salesforce Sales Engagement allows for a one-to-many approach through pre-built cadences with defined messaging and scheduling to provide reps a guide for their outreach efforts. Reps can rely on systemic, automated touches, or they can customize email templates to respond in a manner that builds a personal relationship that is so critical in today’s buying journeys. 

The important consideration is that a sales team should not rely solely on Salesforce Sales Engagement or any other SEP. You need to ensure a lead receives the right response from the right rep at the right time.

For example, inbound leads from a customer account need to be replied to by a Customer Success rep, not a sales rep. A mistake there can be cringe-inducing. 

Lead-to-account matching ensures leads are matched to accounts. With that information, leads route to the right rep, with existing customers assigned to the correct Customer Success managers, leads at accounts with open opportunities distributed appropriate Account Executives (AEs), and net new leads directed to the accountable Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). 

Proper orchestration not only sends leads to the right representative, it also delivers all the necessary contextual information. LeanData Routing, with its campaign-member based routing features, ensures leads are forwarded to a particular rep’s best-fitting, most relevant Salesforce Sales Engagement sequence. 

Salesforce Sales Engagement and LeanData work better together, helping revenue teams deliver the right engagements at the right time. You and your prospects win with both relevant messaging and lightning-quick lead response times. 

How Salesforce Sales Engagement Works Within LeanData

FlowBuilder, the drag-and-drop user interface in LeanData Routing, makes it simple to determine which leads or contacts route to specific Salesforce Sales Engagement cadences, as well as the right rep for carrying out those engagement steps. This all happens instantly, to ensure your reps can readily engage prospects with the right activities and messaging.

Just pull the Salesforce Sales Engagement node into your LeanData go-to-market graph(s) and set sail on delivering timely, world-class customer engagement.

Introducing LeanData’s seamless integration with Salesforce Sales Engagement

With Salesforce Sales Engagement growing in market share, LeanData has added it to its list of strategic, best-in-breed technology integration partners. Together, the two solutions facilitate a world-class buying experience – the right message, the right rep, right now. 

Your customers will notice your prompt reply, along with your relevant messaging. With that, you’ll be one critical step closer to closed/won.

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