LeanData CEO Joins the Lineup at Modern Sales Pros’ 2023 Mega SKO

Mel’s Country Cafe has the Mega Mel Burger.

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached a whopping $1.35 billion.

Russia has Mega Family Shopping Centres.

But there’s only one MEGA SKO!

LeanData CEO Evan Liang is excited to join the lineup at Modern Sales Pros’s upcoming 2023 Mega SKO held virtually from January 24th through the 26th.

Evan will participate in the panel discussion “A Perfect Pairing: How Product and Sales Partner to Drive Product Innovation,” on Wednesday, January 25th at 11 AM PST with fellow tech pros Ellie Fields (Salesloft) and Haris Ikram (Candor IQ), moderated by Atrium CEO Jason Heidema.

This session will provide insight into how product organizations drive innovation and how go-to-market teams can help. Panelists will discuss product ideation, prioritization and the role of sales in these processes.

The Mega SKO includes 20+ virtual sessions featuring 60 speakers from a variety of sales tech companies. Keynote speakers include Gong President Kelly Wright, Saastr Founder Jason Lemkin, and Stage 2 Capital Founder Mark Roberge. Examine the full agenda and the powerful speaker lineup here

Join Evan at the Mega SKO and get the motivation you need to tackle 2023’s unique challenges. Registration is free. 

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