LeanData Enhances Best-in-Class Round-Robin Capabilities

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 20, 2018 –  LeanData, the leader in Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing, and Marketing Attribution solutions, unveiled today advanced functionality to its best-in-class Round-Robin Lead Routing capability. The advanced features, now available for LeanData customers, enable sales teams to respond to leads faster, improve team productivity, and distribute leads intelligently among groups. Today’s announcement reinforces LeanData’s commitment to connecting the right people to the right data and to accelerate time to revenue.

Sales teams have long relied on the round-robin method of lead routing, although traditional approaches have overlooked essential nuances. To address those shortcomings, LeanData has released a set of advanced functionalities built into its best-in-class Lead Routing capability. New features will enable sales teams to use sophisticated routing techniques including custom weighting and capping.

“Today’s high-growth companies understand that time is money. According to research featured in a Harvard Business Review article entitled The Short Life of Online Sales Leads, companies that respond to leads within an hour have a seven-times higher rate of successfully engaging the lead,” said Hendrick Lee, vice president, product, LeanData. “The enhanced Round-Robin Lead-Routing capability empowers enterprise sales teams to engage with leads faster and deliver a streamlined buying experience. Today’s announcement reinforces LeanData’s commitment to deliver innovation to improve the sales and marketing operations processes.”

Available today, LeanData customers can take advantage of the new and advanced functionalities within the Round-Robin Lead-Routing capability including:

  • Round-Robin Pools: Enable sales managers to create multiple Round-Robin pools for their teams and with unique settings.
  • Custom Weighting: Sales leaders can route leads to their teams based on skill level using the weighting functionality.
  • Capping Limits: Sales managers can balance workloads for their teams to ensure fairness of lead distribution and improved follow up.
  • Access Levels: Sales managers can grant certain access levels to lead data to specific teams with the access levels feature.
  • Scheduling: Sales managers and their teams now can set up a variety of schedules (vacations, hours of operations, holidays) to ensure the appropriate sales representative responds to a lead promptly and continues to engage with the lead throughout the buyer’s journey.

“As a global technology company, it is critical for all of Pitney Bowes’ sales teams to be in alignment and deliver a streamlined buying experience throughout the customer journey,” said Andy Beer, director of sales strategy and operations, small business solutions Europe & APAC, Pitney Bowes. “We had the opportunity to be a part of LeanData’s pilot program for the enhanced Round-Robin Lead-Routing capability, and we are excited to leverage the capability to empower our sales teams to engage with leads faster and more effectively while accelerating the time to revenue and grow ROI for our company.”

About LeanData

LeanData is the leader in Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing, and Marketing Attribution solutions. We stand at the center of your CRM, connecting data to the right people. By aligning marketing and sales with accurate matching, routing, and accurate attribution, sales reps only get the leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities they need to work on, so they can close more deals and drive more revenue, faster.

LeanData is helping over 360 customers, including Marketo, Adobe, and Glassdoor, reduce complexity and frustration while accelerating revenue.

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