LeanData Product Innovations Guide Customers Along the Revenue Journey

You’ve heard the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” right? In many cases, it’s a pretty good guideline to follow. But, not for a revenue team seeking to continuously improve. And not at LeanData.

In this challenging economic time, revenue teams are striving to better serve customers and establish a sustainable competitive advantage. Importantly, though, they are also clamoring loud and clear around the following imperatives:

  1. A need to be more efficient, accomplishing more with the same level of resources (or less)
  2. A need to ensure every lead and/or buying signal is handled correctly, with both accuracy and speed
  3. A need for transparency of the lead management process, ensuring accountability and empowering agile changes when and where necessary 

LeanData addresses those concerns — and more — with its latest product updates.

Revenue Orchestration Unleashes the Full Power of Salesforce

LeanData Routing, part of LeanData’s Revenue Orchestration platform, has long empowered any object routing in Salesforce, separating itself from competitors in the lead routing category. New features to Routing now unleash the full power of customers’ SFDC instances.

A breaking chain.

Related Record Updates automatically update fields on related records using LeanData’s existing Update & Assign Owner nodes. Doing so improves data accuracy and ensures consistency across all related records. 

Customers will immediately feel the impact as the manual data triage that drains productively is reduced. Moreover, it allows the Operations and IT teams to minimize technical debt associated with Salesforce Flows and custom Apex code. This includes workforce automation solutions like Syncari, and others. 

New Capabilities with Custom Match Fields

Furthermore, LeanData’s industry-leading Lead-to-Account Matching solution increases its capabilities by introducing Custom Match Fields. This feature allows customers to add an additional custom field to the standard fields used in fuzzy matching. Users can match with both greater flexibility and accuracy, boosting efficiency by reducing the need for any custom work. 

Imagine the power of being able to match any object to an account during routing., Or, reference any other object’s records during routing. Not to mention, update a record of any other object during routing. LeanData customers can now automatically orchestrate anything in Salesforce, based upon any buying signal recorded in Salesforce. This applies to every sales and marketing play they deploy, at any scale!

Additional Integrations Makes “Better Together” Even Bigger

A key component of an efficient revenue team is its connected tech stack, where data flows smoothly, getting to the right hands at the right time, each and every time. With that in mind, LeanData continues to work on seamless integrations with its most preeminent partners in today’s modern tech stack.

Lines from three circles merging and integrating into one upward-facing arrow.

In LeanData Routing, the Hold Until Enrichment node allows the Operations team to selectively — when they want, and only when deemed necessary — enrich Leads and Contacts using any data enrichment vendor that populates fields in Salesforce, including Clearbit, Cognism, SalesIntel, ZoomInfo and others.

This feature ensures customers’ tech stacks are flexible and not frozen in time, subservient to less-than-effective point solutions. Not only does it improve flexibility, it accelerates speed to lead (lead response time) and, most importantly, helps save customers money — always important when trying to squeeze more and more efficiency out of the revenue team. 

Cloudingo Integration

In addition to data enrichment integrations, LeanData also integrates seamlessly with Cloudingo, offering customers a world-class deduplication solution. Within LeanData Routing, duplicate Leads and Contacts are instantly identified and merged as they’re routed. Customers now benefit from choices between deduplication solutions, allowing them to orchestrate their processes with data they trust. 

Crossbeam Integration

Lastly, LeanData also integrates with Crossbeam, a partner management software that helps Sales, Marketing, and Partner teams surface the data, people, and companies within their network that can help accelerate and close deals.

Within a go-to-market flow, Crossbeam’s integration with LeanData automatically surfaces partner overlap data for Accounts & Opportunities, and shares via Salesforce Tasks or custom notifications. Of course, this eliminates those manual barriers to partner collaboration, not only increasing efficiency, but also reducing any “analysis paralysis,” allowing sales flows to be prioritized more completely. It’s a win-win, as not only does it help with efficiency, it also increases effectiveness by unlocking the full potential of partner context. 

BookIt Levels Up Automated Business Meeting Scheduling

Since its introduction last year, BookIt, LeanData’s automated business meeting scheduling solution, has been redefining the art of the possible in the space. Not resting on its laurels, LeanData is rolling out newly enhanced features.

The new Meetings Metrics Dashboard puts all critical meeting scheduling performance metrics in one place. In an effort to optimize scheduling strategy, administrators are now fully empowered to:

  • View metrics across a specified timeframe
  • Analyze form-to-meeting conversion funnel statistics
  • Assess meeting distribution across team members
  • Export data for deeper analysis and reporting
Screen shot of LeanData BookIt Meeting Metrics Dashboard.

Coming in March, LeanData will introduce Group Booking, a new feature that allows the creation of group meetings using BookIt’s existing Schedule nodes. This exciting new feature will accelerate sales cycles and boost sales rep productivity by eliminating the manual, time-consuming, back-and-forth processes too often required in scheduling a group call. 

LeanData is Here, Alongside Every Step of the Revenue Journey

LeanData is committed to being a trusted partner with its customers, fully embracing its role as an essential component of today’s efficient revenue tech stack. It’s an honor the company takes seriously.

LeanData’s solutions carry a reputation in the marketplace as solutions that work. But, don’t take my word for it. Rather, check out what your peers have experienced by looking at LeanData’s reviews on both AppExchange and G2.

However, LeanData won’t settle for the status quo. LeanData knows its customers face changing markets and changing buyer behaviors. We know customers need an efficient tech stack that can agilely adapt and effectively empower their motions. 

LeanData’s customers require — demand — the absolute best tools to drive their revenue teams. LeanData’s teams are here to deliver, at every step of our customers’ revenue journeys.

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