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Webinar Preview: Moving from Speed to Lead to Speed to Context

It’s a common sales and marketing Catch-22:

A prospect submits a form on your website, requesting more information. The clock is ticking. Your team has a small window to respond before the prospect goes dark. You need more information to respond intelligently, but there’s no time for research. On the other hand, if your team reaches out immediately, the customer experience threatens to be impersonal and unimpressive.

What do you do?

Wind up alarm clock with two bell on top.

This dilemma and a playbook of potential solutions is the subject of an upcoming roundtable discussion Intelligent Lead Delivery: Moving from Speed to Lead to Speed to Context being held Tuesday, November 8th at 11:00 AM (PT) / 2:00 PM (ET).

Attendees will hear from a panel of RevOps and Sales Ops pros: Clearbit’s Director of Demand Generation, Colin White, Salesloft’s Enablement Manager of Global Sales Development, Heather Stone, and LeanData’s Director of RevOps, Christine Maxey, as they discuss creating a connected RevTech stack, automating contextual data, and delivering relevant, actionable content to the right reps at the right time. 

Panelists will look at use cases demonstrating proper speed to lead, focusing on data hygiene and rapid, accurate assignment. 

Attendees will walk away from this webinar knowing how to:

  1. Add better data to their records using automated enrichment tools
  2. Match and route leads to the right rep based on specific routing and territory rules
  3. Use the context from user actions to quickly add contacts to automated cadences

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About the Author
Kim Peterson
Kim Peterson
Content Marketing Specialist at LeanData

Kim Peterson is the Content Marketing Specialist at LeanData, where she digs deep into all aspects of the revenue process and shares her findings through multiple content channels. Connect with Kim on LinkedIn.