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LeanData Сertification

Become a Сertified Expert

Get LeanData Сertified and join the community of over 1,700 LeanData Certified Experts

Top 3 reasons why you should get LeanData Certified

Customer first


You’ll be an expert in orchestrating seamless automation of key Salesforce objects, allowing you to make an instant impact on your business.

Converting Signals to Revenue


You can proudly display your LeanData Certification badge on your LinkedIn profile, your resume, and anywhere else.

Enterprise orchestration


Get access to exclusive monthly meetups and networking opportunities to continue learning from and sharing with your peers.

Pick the course that’s best for you

Choose from an instructor-led course via Zoom to get certified in one day, or take the course online at your own pace

Live instructor-led course

Join a live class via Zoom and complete your certification course and exam in just one day.

Live class schedule
9am-12pmTraining course—Part 1
12pm-1pmLunch break
1pm-3:45pmTraining course—Part 2
3:45pmCertification exam (75 minutes)

Self-paced course

Take on-demand courses and the certification exam online at your own pace.

Self-paced class timing
Recommended to complete within 30 days
4.5 hours of video courses
Certification exam (75 minutes)
6 hours estimated time to complete certification

What you can expect to learn

Here are just a few topics you can expect to learn more about

  1. LeanData and Salesforce

    How LeanData operates within Salesforce and what that means for you

  2. Matching and tagging

    A transparent explanation of how LeanData’s matching algorithm works and ways to leverage this in your reporting and processes

  3. Routing management

    Managing your routing logic in LeanData’s visual FlowBuilder Interface

  4. Nodes deep-dive

    Nodes that are available to you and how to get the most out of them

  5. Troubleshooting and maintenance

    Tools you can use for troubleshooting and maintaining your LeanData routing graph

  6. Advanced topics

    Real-time processing, user schedules, one-time routing jobs, and much more

Straight from the experts themselves

“I’m walking away from the LeanData Routing Certification course much more confident in my understanding of how to power our organization in new ways. Not only did I become a certified user, I walked away with a page full of notes on how to better deploy our existing setup.”

Kara Smith Director of Revenue Operations at Ruby

“If you’ve had reservations about getting under LeanData’s hood due to its perceived complexity, this course is for you! You’ll leave this course feeling much more knowledgeable, and you’ll be eager to explore LeanData’s potential.”

Marc Oiumet Associate Manager, Business Applications at Rocket Software

“Excellent experience. It was challenging, but I feel more confident in my ability to administer LeanData than before.”

Zach Busch Sales Operations Analyst at Malwarebytes

Join the LeanData Expert Community

Get LeanData Certified and gain access to exclusive networking opportunities to continue learning from, and sharing with, your peers.