Enterprise Salesforce Orchestration

Orchestrate Complex
Deals with Ease

LeanData eliminates tech debt to accelerate
enterprise sales cycles.

Looking for a sign?
It’s time to break up with tech debt.

Change is hard. No matter where you’re at in your digital transformation journey, LeanData’s no-code
automation frees you from brittle code so you can handle B2B selling complexity at scale.

Reduce IT overhead and change management

  • Eliminate manual processes & custom code
  • Automate with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Match & provision access to records at scale
  • Make territory & assignment changes quickly

Remove friction between IT and business teams, quickly adapting to business change at will.

Connect every buyer to the right specialist

  • Dynamically route records to the right reps
  • Use related records in decisions & updates
  • Rapidly process & approve partner inquiries
  • Alert the right core team member and overlay specialists to unify every sales motion
  • Streamline handoffs between all stakeholders

Accelerate sales cycles by having the right account team members involved every time.

Deliver timely, tailored engagements faster

  • Personalized engagements
  • Contextual notifications for the right people
  • Flexible integrations for every play
  • Automated SLA enforcement
  • Detailed audit logs and reporting

Engage each member within a buying group with complete context at every step of the buyer journey.

Modern revenue orchestration for today’s growth leaders

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