LeanData 2020 OpsStars Awards Open to Nominations

Second-annual industry recognition spotlights operations leaders forging new paths to revenue growth in B2B

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — July 15, 2020 — Leading revenue operations solutions provider LeanData today announced the company’s 2020 OpsStars Awards program is now open to submissions. Now in its second year, the OpsStars Awards celebrate the strategic contribution, innovation and impact of revenue-generating leaders within the global operations community.

The 2019 OpsStars Awards recognized operations professionals from business-to-business (B2B) leaders such as Carbon Black VMware, Cloudera, MongoDB, Okta, PagerDuty, Palo Alto Networks, Red Hat, Splunk and many others.

“Designed to be a natural extension of our OpsStars community and annual conference, the OpsStars Awards shine a light on the increasingly strategic role operations professionals play in driving revenue, and celebrate their ground-breaking innovations and impact on growth,” said Rachael McBrearty, chief customer officer, LeanData. “We’re excited to see what stories come our way this year! And we encourage all go-to-market operations professionals to consider nominating their standout teams and initiatives to bring these successes to light.”

The 2020 OpsStars Awards categories are:

  • Most Cutting-Edge Ops Program of the Year. An individual or team on the cutting edge of innovation in go-to-market operations resulting in real business impact.
  • Highest ROI Program of the Year. An individual or team responsible for driving quantifiable results for their organization through operational excellence.
  • Most Scalable Lead Management Program of the Year. An individual or team that significantly scaled lead management capabilities to support rapid business growth.
  • Go-to-Market Ops Transformation of the Year. An operations team that drove transformational change for their organization through innovation in processes, programs and people.
  • Most Impactful Analytics Program of the Year. An individual or team using data and analytics to power attribution and engagement programs with real ROI.
  • ABM Program of the Year. An organization or team exemplifying a best-practices approach to account-centric programs with proven success.
  • OpsStar of the Year. This annual “best in show” award recognizes the standout achievements or contributions to the industry of one Ops professional.

Nomination Process 
Entries for the 2020 OpsStars Awards are being accepted online through September 18, 2020. To submit a nomination, please visit: https://www.ops-stars.com/awards/.

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