LeanData joins ABM Cloud for Salesforce

LeanData will collaborate with more than 30 other companies to help marketers build ABM technology solutions

BOSTON, Mass. (August 11, 2016) — LeanData has joined the ABM Cloud for Salesforce program that officially launched today at the #FlipMyFunnel conference. This unprecedented partnership is bringing together a powerhouse group of companies to help marketers better understand the Account-Based Marketing software landscape and select best-in-class tools across complementary categories.

“This is about pulling together the top ABM technologies in order to provide our customers with a complete a suite of products that work together holistically,” said Adam New-Waterson, the chief marketing officer at LeanData. “These companies are at the top of their game. Together, we’re bringing all the key components to make ABM work for our customers.”

LeanData, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, enables ABM by automatically routing leads to accounts and ensuring intelligent campaign reporting. This allows businesses to focus on their best-fit accounts and accelerate the velocity of deals.

ABM Cloud for Salesforce, which was founded by targeted advertising platform Terminus, is an invitation-only partner program designed to provide marketers with a selection of web-based tools that support ABM strategies at scale. Among the more than 30 vendors involved are numerous LeanData partners and customers such as Infer, UberFlip, Datanyze, Leadspace, Salesloft and Vidyard. Each software tool in the platform connects with Salesforce to share data and are grouped into at least one of the five categories of an ABM technology stack:

  • Identify — tools for identifying potential accounts
  • Expand — tools for expanding reach within accounts
  • Engage — tools for engaging with accounts
  • Advocate — tools to help individuals within accounts become product champions
  • Measure — analytics tools that help marketers understand attribution and engagement from those accounts

The ABM Cloud is geared toward Salesforce users because it’s the most widely used CRM in the SaaS ecosystem. Other joint projects will include a referral program, blogs, roadshows, webinars and whitepapers.

“Account-Based Marketing has emerged as a transformative strategy for B2B marketers, yet there is a lack of clarity on how to build an integrated ABM technology solution,” said Sangram Vajre, CMO and co-founder of Terminus. “The ABM Cloud for Salesforce provides marketers a roadmap to developing a comprehensive solution that works with their existing ecosystem while not being locked into one vendor.”

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About LeanData, Inc.
LeanData simplifies the complexity of the B2B sales process through better lead management. LeanData makes sales teams more efficient by matching leads to accounts and automatically routing them to the correct owner. LeanData maximizes the value of every lead by providing richer insights into accounts so businesses can increase sales velocity to close more deals faster.

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Adam New-Waterson