Manual tasks
just got easier

Use buttons in Slack notifications to help teams update Salesforce faster and more accurately.

No more overdue Salesforce updates.
No more nagging.


Spend less time demanding updates

Automatically request action from reps, at any moment, for any process in LeanData Orchestration.

  • Provide context from any record
  • Request simple updates through custom buttons
  • Update any routed or matched Salesforce record

Blast through SLAs and approvals

Enable participants of any revenue process to take action from within Slack.

  • Engage, disqualify, or reassign leads faster
  • Limit allowed action to a specific window in time
  • Allow team members to escalate faster
  • Automate further next steps

On the same page, at every step

Get critical data from reps into Salesforce, immediately.

  • Suggest values for any requested input, keeping records clean and complete
  • Update deal rooms to keep groups of sellers aware of important updates or needed action
  • Follow-up, sell, engage, support, and renew without ever missing a beat.

More power in one no-code platform

Easily add more context, provide more transparency, and allow more visibility for every one of your stakeholders.

  • Leverage industry-leading matching capabilities
  • Easily drop NotifyPlus into Flowbuilder graphs
  • Automatically track SLA compliance for each action
  • See every action and outcome in detailed Audit Logs
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