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Instantly pass buyers to the right rep,
every time.

Crush conversion goals with the most efficient automated scheduling solution for sales handoffs.

Close deals faster with the only solution that automatically suggests the right person to book with.


No More Back-and-Forth Emails

Instantly pass buyers to the first available specialist, effortlessly add group members, and automate reminders to improve conversion rates.


Schedule Smarter,
Not Harder

Automatically suggest the right AE, round robin, territory, or group based on your unique business logic.

  • Suggest based on matched account, product interest, ownership, open opportunities and more
  • Match buyers to other CRM records with 95% accuracy across 6 fields with no configuration
  • Create custom tiebreakers to further increase accuracy

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Toss out your manual spreadsheets and list-based rules. Activate suggestions with no-code drag-and-drop ease. 


Optimize with X-Ray Vision

Maximize the impact of your automated handoff suggestions with full visibility into every scheduling outcome.

  • Metrics dashboards
  • Detailed audit logs 
  • Visual flow insights 
  • Native Salesforce reports 

“A major pain point was the distribution of opportunities to our closing reps…I love that now when sales managers approach me with questions about meeting distribution across their teams, I can answer quickly and have the data to back it up. Whereas prior to using Handoff, it would take up a large portion of my day which was frustrating. ”

Frank Quartararo Global Manager of Inbound Sales Development, Remote
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