ABM and ABX in a Downturn

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Prior to the current economic downturn, B2B companies turned to account-based marketing and Smarter GTM™ as a better way to do things.These forward thinking companies were looking to be better informed, more targeted and more efficient and effective. ABM was viewed as the modern approach — a best practice to drive growth, yet still seen as a “nice to have” by many. But in today’s world — a world that has been shaken by a global pandemic, labor shortages, inflation, war, and economic uncertainty — organizations’ resources have been stretched and depleted. ABM is no longer the fastest path to growth, but essential for survival. In this session Jon Miller — CMO at Demandbase and cofounder of Marketo and Engagio — will show why ABM powered by Account Intelligence is the key to work smarter, not harder, and he’ll share practical ABM tips and best practices based on Demandbase’s own secret sauce. 

  • Account-based
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • OpsStars
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