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AuditBoard Reduces Manual Work by 50+ Hours Per Week with LeanData + Outreach

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AuditBoard generates and receives hundreds of leads per day. The company initially had a manual lead assignment process, and needed a solution to qualify leads automatically and route them to the right people to begin follow-up, so they looked to LeanData and Outreach to make this process more efficient.

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increase in new accounts reached per week


saved per week with LeanData’s automated matching and routing


reduced time to follow up with the leads from up to 48 hours to just two


saved per week with Outreach’s automated sequencing

AuditBoard is an enterprise cloud-based solution designed to automate risk, audit and compliance activities and streamline internal audit management processes. AuditBoard is the fastest growing cloud application company and the third fastest growing technology company in North America as ranked on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500. The cloud-based platform transforms risk management for customers such as prominent pre-IPO and Fortune 50 organizations. AuditBoard helps its customers modernize, simplify, and elevate their audit, risk, and compliance functions.

AuditBoard generates and receives hundreds of leads per day. The company initially had a manual lead assignment process, and needed a solution to qualify leads automatically and route them to the right people to begin follow-up.

Because AuditBoard’s business development representative (BDR) team had to manually review all of the leads that came into the organization, even high priority leads took a few hours to get in touch with. This process was inefficient and left money on the table.

“When I joined the company, we had an inbound lead queue full of thousands of leads that had never been touched. These were high-quality, high-intent leads who had engaged on our website, downloaded content, and/or requested a demo,” said Robert Simmons, Senior Director of Inside Sales at AuditBoard.

Robert wanted his BDRs to spend time on target outbound accounts, rather than manually qualifying leads. AuditBoard wanted to automate the manual lead and follow-up process and reduce time to contact. The organization needed a revenue operations solution, otherwise it would have to hire more employees to work through the lead queue.

“If you think about hiring one more person, that’s salary, commissions, benefits—it’s a lot of money,” Simmons said. “I thought, if we could avoid hiring another person and purchase a software solution every year instead, that would speak volumes.”

A perfect match

Simmons implemented Outreach, a sales engagement platform, at AuditBoard as soon as he started with the company. His next step was to find an automated lead management solution.

“Our sales stack was always going to be Salesforce and Outreach, so I needed something that played seamlessly with those two solutions. LeanData was always at the top of our list because it was the vendor most recommended by people I trust,” he said. “We looked at the pain we were trying to solve and evaluated which vendor could solve that pain, as well as which one seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and Outreach. LeanData was the only solution that could meet both these requirements.”

LeanData made an impression on AuditBoard for a few reasons. Simmons and his team wanted a vendor that was focused on their use cases: lead-to-account matching and automated routing. They also wanted a solution that could help improve AuditBoard’s time to first contact without hiring additional reps.

“We wanted to be reaching out to interested leads as fast as possible once they were engaging with our content,” Simmons said.

A user-friendly, highly automated integration

LeanData and Outreach connect seamlessly in a drag-and-drop manner—an integration that Simmons describes as “really easy.”

Every week, AuditBoard runs a webinar, generating new leads. After the webinar, each lead is routed through LeanData and Outreach and immediately receives a follow up email from a BDR. The BDRs no longer have to figure out which sales sequence in Outreach the lead should go into because the entire process happens automatically, maximizing efficiency and driving down first time to contact.

AuditBoard can automatically trigger sales sequences based on conditions such as when the Marketing team qualifies a lead, or if a new contact from an existing customer account takes action on the company’s website, for example, by signing up for a demo.

“We can see in both LeanData and Outreach that leads and contacts are making it into sequences in a timely manner. We’re not waiting on anyone to review a massively growing inbound queue of leads anymore,” Simmons said.

“If you want to solve the problem of how to reach all of your inbound traffic in a timely manner, you need LeanData to match and route your leads and Outreach to start reaching out to them,” he added.

Time and money saved

The LeanData-Outreach integration has given AuditBoard’s BDRs time back to focus on outbound prospecting to strategic target accounts. Since implementing these solutions, each BDR has increased their outbound efforts by 2.5x.

In addition to the 40 hours per week AuditBoard saves with LeanData Matching and Routing, Simmons estimates the company saves an additional 12 hours a week because its BDR team no longer has to manually enter contacts into sales sequences.

If the team had to manually review every lead and manually enter it into the right Outreach sequence, that would amount to 30 to 60 seconds lost for every single lead. With hundreds of leads every single day, Outreach sequences and automation save AuditBoard tons of time by maximizing efficiencies for the small team.

“We always prioritized demo requests and reached out to them first,” Simmons said. “The big improvement was to content downloaders, who went from 24 to 48 hours before they were followed up with, to closer to two hours now.”

Because AuditBoard has been able to streamline and automate the lead assignment process, the company can ensure it is targeting the right people at the right accounts and increasing its chances of success.

AuditBoard plans to continue adding new lead sources from its Demand Generation team into LeanData. The company regularly expands on its current flow to add these new lead sources, which are then transferred into new Outreach sequences for BDRs to start the lead follow-up process.

AuditBoard is also starting to add its Post-Sales team into Outreach. The company’s Account Management team is continuing to use the software more and the Customer Success team is also using Outreach to ensure that AuditBoard is keeping in consistent communication with its customers, always being accessible, and delivering value.

“I think in the future, our entire revenue organization will leverage both platforms to reap the benefits of each,” Simmons said.

About AuditBoard

AuditBoard is a cloud-based platform transforming how enterprises manage risk. The company’s clients include prominent pre-IPO to Fortune 50 companies looking to modernize, simplify, and elevate their audit, risk, and compliance functions. AuditBoard is the top-rated audit management software on G2 and was recently ranked as the third fastest-growing technology company in North America by Deloitte.


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