How to Book More Meetings in 2023 with BookIt

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Every lead counts. It’s crucial to get that first call scheduled before your competitor does.

BookIt allows your prospects to instantly schedule meetings with the right rep at the moment of a form fill. And the best part? Your reps will thank you for the extra time they now have to focus on outbounding efforts. 

Watch our on-demand BookIt customer roundtable with LeanData Senior Product Manager, Vishnu Premsankar, and a panel of BookIt users from Alation and Remote. You’ll learn:

  • How BookIt improves their buyer experience by removing unnecessary friction from manual meeting scheduling
  • Concrete use cases to get more meetings scheduled and maximize your ROI
  • The benefits of having BookIt and Routing on the same platform, including the ability to align rules of engagement on all records, increased time savings, improved auditing and reporting capabilities, and more!
  • Upcoming features in 2023
  • Live Q&A

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