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Xactly Improves Sales Efficiency with LeanData Matching and Lead Routing

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Xactly, a Sales Performance Management company, recently reimplemented Salesforce and required a full evaluation of all integrations. The Marketing Ops team needed to execute marketing programs, while expecting Sales to take immediate, specific actions on their leads. They quickly determined that building the required capabilities inside Salesforce would lead to extensive coding, coupled with time-consuming quarterly updates.

LeanData was quickly reimplemented as “Time-Saver #1”. The Sales teams not only automated lead-to-account matching and routing, but they continually use LeanData for identifying misrouted leads and duplicates, exploring how leads are routed, and receiving timely email and Slack notifications. Xactly has to move fast, and with LeanData, Sales can start every day more effectively and they don’t have to think about it.

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