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How Modern Revenue Leaders Go to Market

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Most CEOs, founders, and revenue leaders dream of becoming winners in their industry but struggle to scale their businesses as they grow. In fact, less than 1% hit $10M in revenue and fewer than 0.04% have a shot of hitting $50M or having a profitable exit. Surviving is not good enough. You want to thrive, evolve, and, when necessary, transform. Every business, as they move from problem to product to platform, has to navigate the five valleys of death. In this session, you will discover which valley of death you might be in and how to navigate out of it so you can MOVE forward, confidently.

Sangram Vajre, WSJ Best-Selling Author of MOVE and Co-Founder of Terminus and GTM Partners

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • OpsStars
  • Sales

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