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How Speed to Context Changes Your Rev Game

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Everyone knows speed is important when it comes to closing deals. Your buyers expect you to be quick. Your competitors are trained to get that deal before you.

But if you’re focusing solely on speed, you’re losing out. How do you evolve your sales and marketing strategies to match these circumstances?

By moving from speed-to-lead to speed-to-context. It’s not just about how fast you respond, it’s also how much information you have about who you’re responding to, and how accurate it is. Christine Maxey, Sr. Director of RevOps at LeanData, and Laura Wheeler, VP of RevOps and Enablement at SpekIt, will show you how you can achieve speed-to-context without an entire tech stack overhaul. By eliminating daisy chains in your tech stack, you’ll be able to quickly act on your buyers’ signals and sequence them into your most aligned sales plays.

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Response Time
  • Lead Routing
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Chengxin Tan

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