Solution Brief

Improve Speed to Lead with Faster Rep Response Time

Speed to lead — aka, your lead response time — is critical to your go-to-market success (GTM). All things being equal; and yes, that can be a stretch in some marketplaces, your speed in successfully engaging a prospect is often the difference between closed/one and closed/lost.

Consider this speed to lead statistic: 78 percent of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first (Lead Connect).

You have two levers to affect speed to lead: 1) lead processing time, and 2) representative response time. Automated lead management solutions like LeanData Routing can empower the optimization of both.

In this one-page solution brief, learn how LeanData can help you improve your representative response time.

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Response Time
  • Lead Routing
  • Operations
  • Revenue Orchestration
  • Sales
  • Speed to Lead
  • Tech Stack

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