Founder Fireside Chat with LeanData: Championing the RevOps Revolution

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Becoming a regular at the new, local coffee shop before the whole neighborhood knows about it? Listening to a major band before they get famous? Mining for BitCoin before it’s worth $$? If you like being on the ground floor of trending things, then you’ll love the revolution of RevOps. 

Before RevOps was the hot topic and the ultimate solution of today’s problems, early advocates saw its potential in making effective, aligned, lucrative teams. Sit down with Evan Liang, Founder & CEO of LeanData, to discuss his role as an early champion of RevOps, how his org had the head-start on this trending field, and how this insight builds a foundation for a successful company. 

Join us in this session hosted by Modern Sales Pros and learn about:

  • The revolution of Revenue Operations from the late 2010s and how early advocates think about it the field today
  • The evolution of automation – be a forward leaning organization with the right tech and thinking
  • How to use RevOps to face the challenges of enterprise selling
  • How non-traditional folks can break the mold and start working towards their vision

Watch the session on-demand today!

  • Operations
  • Revenue Orchestration

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