Solution Brief

Scaling Enterprise Growth: LeanData Routing With Multi-Graph

Enterprise go-to-market (GTM) motions can be complex, encompassing a variety of business units (BUs) denoted by product, customer type, geography and more. As the enterprise scales, those GTM processes become an increasingly complicated jumble of complex code, complex rules and complex flows.

Pity the poor administrator trying to interpret the entire flow, particularly when changes aren’t having the desired effect or processes become inadvertently broken.

LeanData’s Multi-Graph solution grants each BU the autonomy to create and manage its own GTM flow, without impacting the flows of other units. As a result, evolutions of GTM motions can occur more timely and the entire organization can go to market with complete confidence in its processes.

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Routing
  • Lead-to-Account Matching
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Revenue Orchestration
  • Sales
  • Tech Stack

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Solution Brief
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