Building Blocks of Revenue: A Hands-On Guide to Designing Your Waterfall Model

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In the dynamic realm of sales and marketing, achieving revenue targets demands more than just intuition—it requires a structured approach that marries historical data with forward-thinking strategy. This session offers a comprehensive dive into designing a tailored waterfall model, starting with the foundational bookings plan, integrating historical pipeline data and close rates, and finally setting precise pipeline goals for upcoming quarters. By melding art and science, this hands-on guide sets you on the path to predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

Session takeaways:

  • Grasp the importance of anchoring your waterfall model to a clear bookings plan, laying the foundation for all subsequent stages.
  • Harness the power of historical pipeline data and close rates to inform and shape your tailored waterfall model.
  • Discover how a blend of analytical rigor and strategic foresight enables you to set actionable pipeline goals.

Nani Shaffer, Channel99

  • OpsStars 2023
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