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“Growth at Any Cost” Is a Path to Failure. You Need Quality Revenue—Here’s How

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For years, the mantra was to book any deal, at any cost, and just show the revenue growth. That model is now outdated as Boards want to see quality, profitable revenue. All deals are not created equal, and you should incentivize your sales team to focus on quality.

Session takeaways: 

  • Why it’s no longer enough to chase the most revenue, to grow at all costs even if you aren’t profitable.
  • Why it’s no longer enough to manage complex (and costly) revenue calculations on clumsy, error-prone spreadsheets.
  • Why it’s no longer enough to blindly call the ball on your forecasts and white-knuckle it through the year hoping you were right.

These approaches might have worked for your predecessors, but today, we have the technology and tactics to push well beyond that. A quality revenue operation is the engine that drives your business, and most organizations don’t give their revenue operation the attention it deserves. In this sprint of a talk, we will cover how you can measure and motivate to achieve quality revenue.

Erik Charles, Chief Evangelist, Xactly

  • OpsStars 2023
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