Revenue Operations: Now is the Time

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Years of research by SiriusDecision have proven that B2B organizations with aligned revenue engines are shown to grow faster and more profitably than their counterparts. Non-coincidentally, the number of B2B professionals whose job titles include the word “revenue” have also increased – with a focus on revenue signaling an enlightened view of business alignment. 

But what does this shift really mean when it comes to cross-functional execution?

The realization of the full benefits of a revenue engine alignment has made Revenue Operations the new mandate for companies who seek to outperform their peers. 

Dana Therrien explains in this webinar why RevOps isn’t just a title or an organizational structure; rather, it’s a mindset and strategy for the next phase of B2B growth. If you’re a sales and marketing operations leader, don’t miss this important discussion to: 

  • Understand what Revenue Operations means, what’s driving the trend and why now?
  • Learn the benefits of a Revenue Operations approach and the impact on operational functions within your organization
  • Learn diagnostics and actions your organization can take to implement a Revenue Operations approach
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