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Saviynt Sees 53% Increase in Lead-to-Account Matches, Saving 5 Hours Per Week with LeanData

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Saviynt’s previous solution was not effective at matching leads to the company’s associated accounts in Salesforce. Sales management was spending up to five hours per week triaging and routing unmatched leads that didn’t contain enough information to get routed to the right rep. SDRs called on leads from open opportunities or current customers, providing a less-than-ideal experience for prospects and customers.

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53% increase

in lead-to-account matches with LeanData compared to previous matching solution.

5 hours

per week saved by sales leadership by eliminating manual lead routing.

With more data and visibility

into the lead lifecycle, Sales and Marketing are able to better align and continue to improve the buyer’s journey.

The world’s largest brands trust Saviynt to accelerate digital transformation, empower distributed workforces, and meet continuous compliance needs. When the company identified a need to build out its marketing and sales operations processes and implement performance metrics to track progress, Saviynt knew it would need a better solution to support this initiative.

Limited matching and routing functionality caused friction with sales follow-ups

In 2020, Saviynt was running numerous virtual events and other programs to generate inbound leads, however its existing lead management process needed improvement.

Leads often came into the company with insufficient information to route to the appropriate team member, so Saviynt’s sales development representative (SDR) manager had to manually triage and route each lead to the right SDR or account executive (AE) based on their territory.

The company’s manual approach to lead assignment caused three major problems. First, with a significant number of new leads coming in every week, it put a drain on the SDR’s time and productivity, because they spent up to an hour each day triaging and routing. It also affected the response times of SDRs and AEs when following up with leads. Finally, this process left room for error in lead routing.

To complicate matters further, if an SDR was assigned a lead that wasn’t in their territory, there was a much higher chance the lead would be mishandled. It was also difficult for Saviynt to have visibility into the lead lifecycle—so if a lead didn’t receive a response, this would often go unnoticed.

A robust solution

Prior to implementing LeanData, Saviynt was using a deduplication tool that offered some matching and routing capabilities. However, when Anthony Valles, Senior Marketing Operations Manager, joined Savyint, he found it could not perform the accurate matching and flexible routing rules that Saviynt required. Too often, leads were not matching to the right accounts, and a great deal of customization would have been required to make the solution work.

Valles was familiar with LeanData from his consulting days and had used it in other organizations, so he quickly saw that it could solve many of the challenges Saviynt was facing.

The company decided to purchase LeanData Matching to automatically and accurately match leads to existing accounts with the industry’s leading fuzzy matching solution, and LeanData Routing to enable custom routing rules and facilitate speedy delivery of leads to the right reps at the right time, increasing efficiencies and response time.

Finally, the organization added LeanData Engagement to get insight into account engagement from marketing campaigns and sales touches, helping Saviynt generate more pipeline and ensuring ABM success.

Better lead-to-account matching with greater visibility

Right away, Saviynt saw a 53% increase in leads matched to accounts with LeanData Matching compared to its previous matching tool. Without any customization, LeanData looks beyond just email domain-based matching and analyzes multiple data points to ensure the highest-fidelity account match. This also means SDRs are receiving more of the right leads and can focus their energy on those follow-ups.

In addition, when leads get matched to named and customer accounts with LeanData, they are routed to AEs instead of SDRs, giving them greater visibility into their accounts. Rather than treating all leads as net new prospects, this account-based approach supports progress on active opportunities and improves the overall customer experience.

Since Saviynt’s AEs are selling to large enterprise accounts with multiple decision makers, it is critical to have a holistic view of all incoming leads and enable AEs to close deals faster. This process eliminates the concern of SDRs reaching out to leads in active opportunities and helps deals move through the pipeline more smoothly.

Accurate lead routing with faster follow-ups

LeanData Routing streamlined the lead management process for both sales management, who no longer have to triage or manually route leads, and SDRs, who can now trust that they’re getting the right leads on time.

In addition, the team can now see if follow-up has happened within the last 24 hours, and can choose to either re-assign the lead or notify the manager, which wasn’t possible prior to implementing LeanData. With more trust in the system and better lead insights, SDR response rates have also increased.

Detailed data to drive business decisions

LeanData Engagement provides Saviynt with a level of insight into measuring success that is powerful for the company to help educate various teams and inform business decisions. For example, Engagement gives the marketing team visibility into how the Sales team is following up with campaign members. They meet regularly with SDRs to ensure all leads are followed up on.

The solution also helps Saviynt see which factors have an impact on deal velocity such as the timing and types of touches. This information has helped the company fine-tune the journey a buyer goes through to help an opportunity cross the finish line.

Now that Saviynt has nailed the fundamentals of its new operational process, the company has the visibility it needs to start making improvements. Next, Saviynt plans to work on decreasing the time to follow up on each lead by implementing service level agreements (SLAs). The organization expects to reduce the time to respond from up to 7 days down to 1-3, depending on the type of lead. LeanData will continue to be instrumental in helping Saviynt track performance to reach its future objectives.

About Saviynt

Saviynt’s vision is to redefine identity governance and administration. The company brings together identity governance, granular application access, cloud security, and privileged access to secure the entire business ecosystem and provide a frictionless user experience.

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