New Year, New Processes: Simple Ways to Clean (and Maintain!) Your Data

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Put on your socks, grab the microphone—I mean, mop—and slide across the kitchen floor into the craft of maintaining clean processes and tech stack at the constant pace of RevOps. Sit down with the experts, and let’s get real about your data because in Ops, we’re only as good as our data. This webinar isn’t just about a one-time cleanup; it’s about setting the stage for ongoing data integrity and team efficiency.

You’ll hear from a panel of top RevOps experts, including: Christine Maxey (VP of RevOps, LeanData), Monica Bacican (Sr. Manager of Sales Ops, LeanData), and Caterina Torres (RevOps Expert, MarketingOps.com). They’ll cover data cleansing, updating processes for success, tech stack management, and methods for a sparkling new year.

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