STEAL THAT PLAYBOOK: 3 Killer Strategies for High-Octane Co-Selling

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Your sales rep just tried to cold-sell to an account without ever realizing there was a partner relationship. Countless emails are sent, so many phone calls are made. They never get a response, and the deal falls through.

Partner data is gold, but being able to bubble up the right information at the right time for revenue teams requires alignment between RevOps and Partner teams.

Join RevOps and Partner pros from Cognism, Crossbeam and LeanData as they chat about how revenue teams are automating partner data to accelerate deals, reduce churn and provide intent signals for revenue teams.

They’ll share tried-and-tested playbooks on:

  • Uncovering new business opportunities with partner intent signals
  • Leveraging ecosystem-led growth to supercharge account-based plays
  • Identifying customer churn risk through partner-level data

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