The Business Case for Buying Groups

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Join LeanData’s CEO Evan Liang, MarTech entrepreneur, cofounder at Marketo and Engagio Jon Miller, and 6Sense’s Research and Thought Leader Kerry Cunningham in an engaging discussion of the business case and internal positioning for Buying Groups as a Go-to-Market motion. 

Dive into Buying Groups with perspectives and advice from marketing leaders blazing a trail in this GTM arena.  Buying journeys are increasingly complex, with marketers struggling to identify and engage with the correct people at the right time. This webinar will explore the key ways that Buying Groups drive pipeline and revenue. 

They’ll share real-world examples of how organizations position Buying Groups internally, and share core metrics for marketing teams adopting the new opportunity-centric model.

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Solution Brief
Is Your Organization Ready for a Buying Group Motion?

Use this checklist to determine if your company is ready for a buying group motion based in Opportunities.