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The Rise of The Revenue Innovators: A New Cohort Drives Predictable Revenue Through Uncertain Times

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As Outreach’s Global Innovation Evangelist and Forrester’s former principal sales analyst, Mary Shea predicted four years ago that B2B sellers, armed and abled with the most innovative technologies, would finally fulfill their consultative destinies. Today that future is here.

In this keynote, Mary lays out her vision for post-pandemic B2B buying and selling, the role new sales technologies play in enabling predictable and efficient revenue creation, and the emergence of a new cohort called Revenue Innovators. The last eighteen months have been challenging. But as we ramp off the pandemic, expect to see innovation, transformation and predictable revenue generation flourish.

After viewing this session, you will understand:

  1. Top trends impacting B2B buying and selling
  2. The Components of a top-tier sales tech stack
  3. How Revenue Innovators are transforming their organizations
  4. How to achieve predictable revenue in uncertain times
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • OpsStars
  • Sales

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