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[Panel] Why Your Sales And Marketing Tech Development Is Going To Fail

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Organizations are in full planning mode for their 2023. Many of these plans include new Marketing and Sales technology investments. Organizations understand how to plan and resource the annual license and deployment costs of these investments, but deployments still fail frequently. So what is missing? In this panel, our team of industry experts will share their own experiences of what needs to be resourced, what NOT to do and hopefully steer your tech stack investments in the right direction for 2023.

Moderator: Ursula Aryout, Founder and CEO, Measure Co
Greg Poirier, CEO and Founder, CloudKettle
Lauren Vaccarello, CMO, Salesloft
Maura Ginty, a Marketing Advisor & Fractional CMO

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • OpsStars
  • Sales
  • Tech Stack

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