Dreamforce 2022 Day Two Recap

Welcome to Dreamforce 2022 Day Two.

Where else can you catch expert predictions on China, hear the emotional story of Bono’s mother passing, and learn life lessons at the feet of inspiring humans like Dr. Jane Goodall, Jennifer Hudson, and Karlie Klossy?

Here’s all the juicy highlights.

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Maximizing Revenue with Digital Buyers

Looks like digital-first pressure is here to stay.

The coronavirus pandemic ushered in a new wave of digital buyers with higher expectations that aren’t going away. Salesforce’s solution is to create a hyper-personalized customer experience powered by (you guessed it) Commerce Cloud Genie.

Online commerce companies can now quickly create a unique, digital marketplace to drive customer experiences across social and web. But wait, there’s more! Commerce Cloud has a new integration partner: TikTok.

Marc Benioff with Dr. Jane Goodall.

Net Zero Hour: A Conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall

Marc Benioff and Dr. Jane Goodall first met many years ago at an environmental conference focused on protecting the Earth’s oceans. From that first meeting, a friendship was formed between kindred spirits driven to protect people, animals, and the environment.

In today’s conversation, Dr. Goodall shared stories of her childhood, her work with chimpanzees, and present projects. Goodall believes that hope for the future lies in helping young people understand environmental problems and empowering them to find solutions.

Salesforce continues its commitment to the environment with the announcement of the Net Zero Marketplace, a platform where people can purchase carbon credits starting in October 2022.

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New Marketing Partnerships

In the Marketing Hour session, Salesforce presenters outlined ways to deliver on critical moments for your customer and make them count. For businesses concerned about inflation and the looming cookieless future, several new solutions were announced.

First, Marketing Cloud Genie will automate engagement across every channel and provide marketing intelligence in real time. In addition, new partnerships with Snowflake, Amazon SageMaker, and WhatsApp will make segmentation smarter, drive hyper-personalization, and add a new layer of conversational engagement. 

Economic Outlook Looks Grim

In February 2021, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers published warnings that additional government stimulus efforts would raise the risk of inflation. His controversial opinion turned out to be true.

Today Summers sat down with Bret Taylor to discuss the economic forecast and potential solutions. Summers noted that it is unlikely the economy will correct itself with a “soft landing,” as the average wage increase for people switching jobs is significantly outpacing existing productivity. He also anticipates future interest rate increases.

On the bright side, the United States’ energy independence puts our economy in a much better position than others. 

Image of a panel of speakers at OpsStars.

OpsStars 2022 is Underway

LeanData CEO Evan Liang and leaders from our integration partners discussed the Dawn of the Revenue Generation and the latest trends in RevOps today at OpsStars. If you’re not attending Dreamforce’s concert with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, come on down to the OpsStars After Party tonight at Monarch for food, drinks, dancing and entertainment. 

Top Bono Quotes of the Day

One of the most entertaining guests today, hands down, was U2’s Bono. So many of his words were simply pure gold:

“Metaphorically, I was born with my fists up.”

“I don’t trust people who are not funny.”

“That’s my bottomline prayer, to be useful.”

“You don’t have to agree on everything if the one thing you agree on is important enough.”

Bono, you rock.

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