Dreamforce 2022 Day One Recap

Let’s recap the highlights of Dreamforce 2022 day one.

After two years of meeting virtually, 40,000+ Trailblazers and Salesforce MVPs from all over the world have descended on San Francisco this week for the biggest tech party of the year: Dreamforce’s 20th anniversary conference. 

Image of Salesforce co-founder and CEO Marc Benioff delivering the keynote address at Dreamforce 2022 Day One.

Dreamforce 2022 Keynote Highlights: a Family Reunion

First, crowning this year’s conference as “the most important Dreamforce ever,” the keynote from Salesforce co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor highlighted the excitement of being back together for a Salesforce family reunion.

Benioff shared stories of philanthropy, giving back and taking care of planet Earth by planting trees and reducing carbon emissions. He described a new revolution of Ecopreneurs, companies that work together to create a net zero marketplace.

Attendees were encouraged to adopt the Japanese mindset of “shoshin” or having a beginner’s mind, open to every possibility. 

Image promoting Salesforce Customer 360, powered by Genie.

Dreamforce 2022 Product Announcement: Salesforce Genie 

The biggest product announcement of the day was Salesforce Genie. This product is a real-time hyper scale data platform that brings all customer data together into a single source of truth.

Salesforce Genie will connect real-time data streams to create dynamic workflows for a personalized customer experience. Further, it’s described as the most significant shift in the Salesforce ecosystem,

Next, Salesforce employees shared demo-style use cases from Ford Motor Company and L’Oreal. These highlighted the importance of focusing on the customer buying journey.

Exciting product features were announced for Slack including 15 new Salesforce integrations. The Huddle feature within Slack now includes the ability to share your screen, draw on the screen, and save the chat thread for future reference.

In addition, a new Slack feature known as Canvas will allow teams to bring in data from their systems of record and automate business-critical workflows with buttons and forms.

The Inspirational Golden Hoodie Award

This year’s Golden Hoodie Award was presented to artist, refugee, and Salesforce developer Sima Samara. Pressured by government warnings to flee her country, Sima moved to the Netherlands, homeless, with no family support.

Sima worked as a housekeeper when one day she noticed an advertisement for Salesforce classes for refugees. With limited computer knowledge and experience, Sima jumped all-in to Trailhead and reached Ranger status within two months.

With her new tech job, Sima was able to buy a home in the Netherlands in one year.

Congratulations Sima! 

Image promoting Don Otvos' session at Dreamforce 2022.

Unfreeze Your RevTech Stack

A session presented today by LeanData’s Don Otvos exposed the chaos that occurs when companies layer more tools into their RevTech stack. As these disconnected tools collect buyer signals, organizations struggle to organize, analyze and act upon data-driven insights.

Don outlined the essential unifying element: modern revenue orchestration, the connective tissue that connects data seamlessly through the customer buying journey.

Image of Don' Otvos' presentation at Dreamforce 2022.

Drop by OpsStars 2022

Need a break from the crowds? Head over to OpsStars 2022, a free event held at the San Francisco Mint September 21st and 22nd. Hear from LeanData CEO Evan Liang and other RevOps rockstars from 6sense, UserGems, Clearbit, Kronologic, and Sendoso.

OpsStars brings together frontline operations practitioners to share the innovative ways they are overcoming challenges to improve revenue orchestration. Come rest your feet, charge your devices and make new connections.

Banner image promoting OpsStars 2022 Conference & Awards

Got FOMO? 

If you couldn’t convince your boss to pay for Dreamforce 2022 in-person, Salesforce+ is streaming 72 hours of free content covering over 200 sessions. Throw on your best Trailblazer hoodie, snap a nifty selfie in the Dreamforce virtual booth and you’ll be there in spirit. 

Looking forward to Day Two!

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