Empower Connected Workflows with LeanData Integrations

Creating connected workflows in your CRM is the often unnoticed superpower of revenue operations.

The demands on a modern-day B2B revenue tech stack are immense. Data around buyer signals grows exponentially in volume year-over-year, and it pressure tests every step in a company’s go-to-market (GTM) motion.

Manual processes and brittle code are exposed, and RevTech stacks freeze, crippling revenue teams with inefficiency.

The LeanData Revenue Orchestration platform addresses short-comings of the RevTech stack by integrating automated workflows at the data level.

The result is a freeing of the RevTech stack, empowering the revenue team to proactively engage its highest-priority, highest-value leads, accounts and customers.

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Using Integrations to Create Connected Workflows

Conceptually, revenue orchestration is a relatively straightforward process. B2B buyers leave buyer signals at almost every step along their buying journeys. Revenue orchestration uses signal management to surface the buyer signals that require engagement, and directs the appropriate play(s) to the highest-priority signal(s) at precisely the right time. Done well, revenue orchestration converts those buyer signals into buying decisions.

So, straightforward, yes. Simple? Not so much, as the devil lies in the details of your data. That’s precisely where the power of LeanData integrations resides.

LeanData’s no-code revenue orchestration platform integrates with the best-in-category technology solutions that are already nestled within RevTech stacks. Connected at the data level, lead and account records flow seamlessly from one integrated solution to the next, all automatically, without manual processes, and all at the right time for meaningful engagements with buyers.

Customers notice a simplified and smooth buying journey. Marketers and sellers notice increased conversions and win rates. The C-suite and investors notice scalable revenue growth.

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LeanData’s Newest Revenue Tech Stack Integrations

Today, LeanData unveiled its latest integrations with best-in-class RevTech stack solutions, both related to buyer signals and signal management, as well as engagement plays by Sales and Marketing teams.

Related to signals, LeanData integrates seamlessly with sales intelligence solutions Clearbit, Cognism, UserGems and 6sense. As a result, your revenue team is empowered with the complete data set for every record. This helps your team to engage in the most relevant manner as determined by your prospect’s customer journey. 

Records with full data sets are great, but that data doesn’t action itself. It needs a connected workflow that will route the info to the right representative at the right time. Then, the representative needs to take action in a timely manner. To address this challenge LeanData’s industry-leading Routing solution integrates fully with both Slack and Microsoft Teams, the two leading automatic notification solutions. 

Using FlowBuilder, LeanData’s simple no-code, drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy to drop in a Slack or Teams notification into your processes. The correct representative gets immediately notified of a priority lead or account, complete with all the sales intelligence data needed to deploy the next-best engagement tactic.

Those engagement tactics refer to some of the “plays” that Marketing and Sales professionals on the revenue team have at their disposal. With regards to plays, LeanData integrates with the leading sales engagement solutions, Salesloft, Outreach and Salesforce Sales Engagement, as well as Kronologic. Those integrations connect workflows that quicken speed to lead and simplify the buying journey.

Finally, an interesting revenue orchestration play is direct mail, specifically gifting. LeanData’s integration with Sendoso allows your revenue team to orchestrate personalized gifting plays for your most valued prospects, customers and accounts. Automated gifting keeps your reps focused on selling and servicing, increasing productivity and delivering remarkable, impressionable customer experiences.

Building the Connected Revenue Tech Stack

LeanData’s newest integrations significantly expand its strategic ecosystem of long-standing integrations. As an application-agnostic revenue orchestration platform, LeanData allows you to optimize the results of the technology solutions you already have. For more details on LeanData integrations with its ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners, please visit the LeanData Integrations page. 

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