LeanData Uses Crossbeam to Support Partner Programs

To explain why LeanData uses Crossbeam, it requires a little background.

In today’s economy, current sales processes can feel like being stuck in traffic. You spent all this money on a really fancy car, you take it out for a drive, and you’re just sitting in traffic. 

And while you may have an amazing product, with so many other cars vying for the same roadway, you’re stuck. 

However, the right partner can get you unstuck. 

In fact, deals close 46% faster and are 53% more likely to close when a partner is involved. 

Partner data is gold, but being able to bubble up the right information at the right time for revenue teams requires alignment between RevOps and Partner teams.

In this article, we’ll pull back the curtain to share how LeanData uses Crossbeam and LeanData solutions together to automate partner data and accelerate deals.

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Identifying the Challenges of Partner & Revenue Team Relationships

When a company’s internal Partner teams and Revenue teams are misaligned, golden opportunities for new business stay hidden. This misalignment stems from a combination of challenges. 

First, Partner teams often spend too much time manually driving collaboration. Typically, Partner teams have to surface opportunities by combing through data manually, trying to determine which partner to use at a particular stage of the buying journey. Then, the Partner team spends even more time communicating their findings to the Sales team.

Not only is this inefficient for the Partner team, this manual process is even less realistic for sales reps to duplicate or scale. More often than not, Sales teams are flying blind when leveraging partnerships during a deal cycle. As a result, any opportunities to relay “better together” partner stories are missed.

So how can smaller Partner teams create a larger presence within their companies?

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LeanData Uses Crossbeam to Decrease Friction & Misalignment

To solve for this Partner/RevOps misalignment and eliminate manual processes, LeanData uses Crossbeam, one of our many integration partners. 

Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform that acts as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners.

How LeanData uses Crossbeam

As part of our go-to-market motions, LeanData uses the Crossbeam integration node within our revenue orchestration platform. So whether at the account level or the opportunity level in Salesforce, LeanData automation looks at an open opportunity, identifies partner relationships, and creates a task in Salesforce for the sales rep to initiate collaboration. Automation then sends a Slack notification to the sales rep which includes partner context and next steps. 

Automated Alerts to Professional Services

Then, to create an even better implementation experience, a similar Slack notification is sent to a member of the LeanData Professional Services team when a deal closes. This notification shares the new customer’s partner technology overlaps to ensure that during the implementation process, the PS team member is driving integration adoption. 

These automations leverage the right partner at the right time with the right context, helping Partner Leaders to be effectively everywhere at once. 

Derek Safko, LeanData’s Director of Partnerships said, “It’s all about scaling our partner motion and automation is critical to that motion.”

To address potential customer churn, Safko built another play using the LeanData+Crossbeam integration node to automatically surface at-risk customers and notify customer service managers of a consulting partner overlap when the customer account health drops. 

This helps align customer usage metrics with the right consulting partner to drive usage, thus reducing churn risk. 

Statistics of using LeanData and Crossbeam together

Leveraging Ecosystem-Led Growth

Your partner ecosystem, this network of partners unique and exclusive to your company, has the potential to be your company’s most efficient, scalable growth lever. As a result of combining the power of LeanData and Crossbeam, the LeanData Partner team experienced some amazing outcomes:

  • 15% increase in year-over-year partner-sourced revenue growth
  • Partner-influenced revenue growth increased from 3% to 80%
  • 24% higher annual contract values for partner-influenced deals vs non-influenced deals

At the end of the day, Partnership teams need to demonstrate impact. This is hard to do when facing the challenge of actioning partner ecosystem data. Combining LeanData with Crossbeam makes partner data actionable and creates sourced pipeline for even the smallest of Partner teams. 

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